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Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science and is known for its traditional, herbalist and holistic treatment options. 

Among the multifarious therapies, you have panchakarma which is a kingpin of detoxifications, under this, there is Ayurvedic Nasya therapy in Sydney which stands exclusive. 

Nasya in Ayurvedic terminology is nose, or nasal cavity and treating options through the nasal cavity. 

A principal cleansing technique which helps in breathing and circulating high-quality inhalation throughout the body. 

Let us see in the following article, the different types of Nasya and the benefits that one can get from this treatment. 

What is nasya? 

Coined as a head-honcho as far as eradication of amas and toxins from the body is concerned.

Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney involves the instillation of medicated oils, herbal pastes and liquid into the nostrils. 

The Ayurvedic Doctors in Sydney think that nasya is a therapeutic process, and aims to nourish the nasal cavity.

Is best for treating the target areas like head, throat, and eye problems.

Types of Nasya 

Being an important part of the panchakrama treatment, different kinds of nasya treatment can be found. Some of them are listed below. 

Pradhamana Nasya 

This Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney focuses on administering dry medicinal powders through the nasal passages by using a tube.

The powders, often herb and medicines are finely ground, are blown into the nostrils 

Helpful in treating excess mucus, congestion, allergies and sinusitis. 

This should be done under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor in Sydney. 

Shamana Nasya 

This involves administering calming and pacifying substances into the nasal passages. 

Ideal for balancing aggravated doshas, mainly the pitta and vata doshas. 

Uses cooling and soothing oils for the decoctions to pacify any inflammation or heat-related conditions in the nasal area. 

The most commonly used substances for this treatment involves medicated decoctions, teas, fresh juice, herbs or medicated oils. Brahmi ghee, vacha oil and tikta ghee are used for treating the vata and pitta doshas. 

Doom Nasya 

A scientific method involves using medicated fumes or smoke through nasal passages. 

Known for balancing the kapha and treating neck conditions if any. 

Should be performed under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor in Sydney. 

Pratimarsha Nasya

 A common kind of nasya is what you call a daily nasya treatment. 

It is usually done with the help of sesame oil or ghee. 

A simple practice that helps to maintain nasal health clears all the excess mucus and promotes mental clarity. 

Virechana nasya 

Dry powders or herbs are used for this process. 

Helps treat kapaha disorders, headaches heaviness in the head, sticky eyes and runny nose. 

Ayurvedic Doctors in Sydney suggest that by using nasya in treating your doshas is helpful in dealing with the hoarseness of the voice which is caused due to the kapha. Helps in skin disease as well.

Burhana or nutritive nasya 

There are primarily three doshas that are found in the human body, namely kapha, pitta and dosha.

This Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney is specifically used for creating and relieving you of the vata dosha. 

Helps in strengthening and tonifying substances being administered through the nose, 

Commonly used substances for this are ghee, medicated milk and various oils. 

In some cases, Vacha calamus, brahmi gotu kola, and jatamamsi can also be used.  


This Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney majorly uses a little ghee or oil on the nostrils with the little finger. 

Once this is done there is a gentle massage that is done and helps in relieving the stress and opens up the deep tissues.

Can be done alone on a regular basis or occasionally or even as the needs of the recipient erupt. 

Reduces stress and Dryness. 

Benefits of Nasya 

Now that we have discussed some types of Nasya treatments, let us now explore some benefits. 

Relieves headaches 

The entire mechanism of nasya depends on the idea of getting the best for the brain. 

It is as per the Ayurvedic perspective that the clearing of doshas will help the people to get rid of what they call the disease. 

This is also helpful in improving migraines and tension. 

Reduces the vata and helps in calming down the nervous system. 

Promotes respiratory health 

This is a fact well-known that the nasal cavity and the heart are connected, so what you breathe, signals it to the chest. 

By promoting your respiratory health and catering to all the nasal activities you can get of any doshas like congestion, clearing nasal passages, and any inflammation that is aggravating your doshas. 

Other benefits 

As far as the Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney is concerned there are some other benefits like it has skin or anti-ageing properties and helps you enhance facial glow. 

Balance all your subtle energy in the head. 

Nasya therapy aids indirectly in oral health by clearing sinus issues and reducing the risk of respiratory infections. 

Wrapping up 

Ayurveda is one of the oldest science which believes in holistic practices, and treating the recipient from deep within.

Ayurvedic nasya therapy in Sydney, a kingpin in Panchakarma-ayurveda is one such prominent, therapy. 

Vivid types of nasya treatments have different functions and benefits. Above in the article, there is a detailed- and in-depth description of each type. 

In addition, there are some benefits enlisted. Go through and find the best for purifying your aura. 


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