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Have you realized a misspelled name on Delta ticket ? Or do you need to change a name under legal circumstances like marriage or divorce? There is nothing to worry about, as the airline has a flexible name change policy in place to provide passengers with a sweat-free travel experience. The policy permits travelers to modify minor spelling mistakes and change a name due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. Continue reading the guide below to learn the name change policy, fee, and types, as well as how you can change/correct the name on your ticket. 

Delta Name Correction Policy: An Overview 

To correct/change a name on your flight ticket, you must adhere to the following name correction guidelines. 

  • The flight should be operated or marketed by Delta Airlines, and your stock must begin with 006. 
  • In the event of interline agreements or codeshare flights, the name change request will be processed only for the flight segments. 
  • The name change policy is applicable on both restricted and non-restricted fares. 
  • The airline permits only one ticket re-issuance as per the name correction policy. 
  • Passengers can alter minor name corrections up to three letters. 
  • As per the Delta name correction policy, you can’t modify the flight date, destination, or fare class. Also, corrections to birth date or gender aren’t allowed. 
  • You can change a name under legal circumstances like marriage, divorce, or adoption. Also, the name change request must be backed by a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or old and new government-issued ID. 
  • The airline restricts passengers from completely changing their name on the ticket or transferring it to someone else.   

Types Of Name Correction/Change Delta Airlines Allows 

The name correction policy permits you to fix the misspellings due to typo errors and name changes under legal circumstances. Here is a detailed overview of the types of name changes the airline accepts. 

  • Minor Name Corrections: Passengers are allowed to rectify minor mistakes, such as up to three letters in the first/middle/last name, inverted names, and nicknames, and add an additional last name on the ticket. Also, you might have to present valid documents like a passport or government-approved ID for authentication.  
  • Add/Remove Middle Name: According to the name change policy, you correct/add/remove a middle name on your ticket. However, adding a middle name requires rebooking a flight ticket with the correct name. It consists of creating a new PNR or record locator. 
  • Legal Name Change: The airline allows passengers to change their name on the ticket under legal circumstances like divorce, marriage, or adoption. Also, you must submit valid documents such as a divorce/marriage certificate, passport, or new and old government-approved ID.

How To Change Misspelled Name On Delta Ticket?

The name change is possible only if the fare rules associated with your reservation allow it. As per the name change policy, you can make a name modification request online and offline. Here is how to correct/change passengers’ names for Delta tickets online and offline. 

Method 1: Name Correction Online 

Follow the step-by-step procedure below to know how to edit name on Delta ticket online via the official website: 

  • First, you should move to the official Delta Airlines website and select the My Trips option. 
  • Then, input the 6-digit reference code or 13-digit ticket number and last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • Next, tap the Name Correction tab and pick the name you need to alter. As per the Delta name correction policy, you can fix only three letters in the first/middle/surname. 
  • Now, attach essential documents like a passport or government-approved ID for validation. 
  • After this, tap the Confirm & Save tab to process your name correction request. 
  • Pay the name correction cost with the applicable fare difference, if any. 
  • Lastly, you will obtain a confirmation for name modification. 

Method 2: Name Change Over The Phone 

To make a major name correction or legal name change on your flight ticket, you should directly connect with the Delta Airlines customer support service at 1 (800) 221-1212. Also, you can dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with the flight expert for instant modification. 

  • After connecting with a representative, provide your 6-digit PNR or ticket number to access your reservation. 
  • Share your reason for the name change and request the executive to correct or change the name on your ticket. 
  • Also, you might have to provide legal documents like a marriage/divorce agreement, court decree, or old and new government-approved ID to support the change. 
  • You must pay the name change cost together with the applicable fare difference as stated under the Delta name correction policy. Your ticket will be re-issued to the lower or same available class. 
  • After submitting your request, you will obtain a confirmation of a name change from your verified email address. 

Method 3: Name Correction At The Airport 

For last-minute modifications passengers must reach the airport ticket counter at least two hours prior to their flight. Remember you can correct minor spelling errors at the airport. You must carry the essential documents like marriage/divorce agreement, passport, or old and new government-approved ID for authentication. The airline’s executive will assist you to complete the procedure and required documentation.  

How Much Does Delta Airlines Charge For Name Change/Correction?

After booking a flight with Delta Airlines, if you need to change/correct a name on your ticket, you must pay the name correction cost as stated under the Delta name correction policy. However, the name change fee depends on different factors, like your ticket and name change type. Generally, the name change fee ranges between $75 and $500. Also, you might need to pay the difference in fare if applicable. 

Final Verdict 

Reading the above information will help you understand the Delta name correctionpolicy and alter the misspelled name on your ticket without any hassle. However, if you still encounter any issues or have queries regarding name change, you can reach out to Delta Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 221-1212. Furthermore, dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk to the flight expert and get your issue fixed in a few minutes.


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