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Aachen is the 27th largest city in Germany and it attracts a wide range of people from throughout the world for various reasons. One of the major reasons for which individuals from outside Germany can be witnessed in Aachen is higher education. Some agencies rank Germany number 1 for studying abroad and number 3 for high-quality education. Many German cities play a significant role in this and Aachen is one of them. There is an increase in the number of students coming to the city each year.

RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen are the two famous universities in Aachen, which host both domestic and international students. RWTH Aachen University was ranked #106 out of 1500 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2024. Now, QS World University Rankings 2025 have also been released and in 2025 rankings, it has come up and got the #99 rank among 1500 global universities. So, now, if you study at RWTH Aachen University, you will get an opportunity to study at one of the top 100 universities in the world. The name of FH Aachen is not in QS rankings but still, it provides high-quality education to worldwide students. 

When international students enroll in Aachen, a place to stay remains a major requirement for students. But, the question that is often asked by many students is where to find student accommodation Aachen. We can take this question in two meanings, one of which is what the places are where you can find student accommodation in Aachen, and the other one is where the online sources are where you can search for accommodation. Here, you will read the answer to this question in both meanings. 

Places in Aachen to Find a Perfect Student Accommodation in Aachen 

1. Süsterfeldstraße  

Süsterfeldstraße is an area in Aachen, which is considered good for students. It is near some good restaurants, bars, and tourist destinations that students can visit during their spare time. Universities and some colleges in Aachen are located within 10-20 minutes of driving distance from here. 

A popular student housing property named “Aachen West Neubau” is located in Süsterfeldstraße 93. This property in Aachen boasts basic as well as high-end amenities for international students. Student can book their private rooms in the shared apartments on this property. Depending on the apartment, students can get their private or shared kitchens and bathrooms. The rooms comprise study desks and chairs, Wi-Fi internet connections, wardrobes, heating facilities, and more. Kitchens are well-equipped in Aachen West Neubau. 

In the complex of Aachen West Neubau, you find a gym, where you can visit for your workouts. Besides, there is also a clubroom where you can meet other residents and befriend them as well as be involved in different activities. A bicycle storage space, laundry, and a lot of other facilities and services can be found in Aachen West Neubau. 

2. Kruppstraße 

Kruppstraße is another excellent place in Aachen for students to stay. Students can find numerous facilities and a good public transport system in this place. Besides, students can find some best private rental apartments to rent, which are within a few minutes of walking distance from RWTH Campus West. 

Student Accommodation Aachen

3. City Center 

Aachen city center can also be an ideal place for you to stay in the city. This is the place where you can find all the facilities such as shopping centers, restaurants, fitness centers, entertainment venues, and more. 

Online Sources to Find Student Accommodation in Aachen 

Online student accommodation service platforms are the best online platforms where you can find ideal student accommodations in Aachen. These platforms are different from the websites of accommodation properties for students. On the websites of online student accommodation service platforms, you can find lists of student housing properties and private rental apartments for students in Aachen. 

Such platforms provide lists of accommodations available for students in different cities around the world. These platforms also comprise some excellent options, which make it easier for you to find accommodation as per your choice and budget. You can read the details of properties on these websites. Besides, many platforms offer a filter option through which you can filter the lists according to price ranges, amenities, shared or unshared rooms, shared or unshared bathrooms, room types, and more. Some platforms also offer a comparison option that facilitates you to compare multiple properties on a single webpage on the basis of distances (from universities), prices, amenities, and more. 

Some of the online student accommodation service platforms are available in the form of mobile apps also. 

Summing Up 

Where to find accommodation is a major concern of students coming to Aachen. Süsterfeldstraße, Kruppstraße, and City Center are the ideal places in Aachen where you can find accommodation. Another concern happens to be online sources to find accommodation and online student accommodation service platforms are the best options in this regard in the city.


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