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Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and is a favorite destination for a large number of people from throughout the world for a variety of reasons. A major reason for some people’s interest here is unquestionably higher education. A large population of international students can be witnessed in Stuttgart who are living here to acquire higher education. There are numerous universities and colleges in Stuttgart among which the University of Stuttgart is the prominent one. The University of Stuttgart ranks #312 in the world among 1500 ranked universities in the QS World University Rankings 2024. 

When international students take admission in Stuttgart, it is for sure that their major requirement happens to be accommodation.  Stuttgart offers numerous hidden gems that combine affordability, convenience, and a unique living experience. Here, we will uncover the hidden gems of student accommodation Stuttgart

1. Studentenwohnheim Allmandring 

The cheap Studentenwohnheim Allmandring is situated near the University of Stuttgart in the Vaihingen district. The dormitory provides a multitude of accommodation possibilities, including individual bedrooms and shared apartments. The other one is the community life of the city since there are lots of activities and events that happen within the area. Allmandring’s convenient location near the university and the relatively low rent supplemented by the well-equipped rooms make it an ideal student residence. 

2. Interim Wohnraumprojekt 

The Interim Wohnraumprojekt  (Interim Housing Project) is an innovative idea that seeks to offer housing for students for a specific period. This project, sadly underutilized, provides economically handy month-to-month living spaces, perfect for the learner often in the city for internships, exchange programs, or the first weeks of their sojourn in Stuttgart. Flexible lease terms and comparatively affordable rent make the place fairly suitable for students to stay until they find a more permanent home. 

3. Collegium Academicum 

Students who are interested in having a strong community and embracing the idea of sustainability will find the Collegium Academicum to be quite appealing. This is a self-organized students’ accommodation initiative focused on the principles of sustaining the environment and sharing. The public continually partake in the maintenance and management, which contributes to the community’s cohesion and decentralization. The rent is rather low due to the non-profit structure of the undertaking and students have access to various shared spaces, workshops, and recreational facilities. 

4. Privatzimmerangebote 

Some students first look towards the university housing, but there are private room offers (Privatzimmerangebote) worth looking into as well. Some of the platforms include WG-Gesucht, Studenten-WG, and local Facebook groups where private landlords post and advertise rooms in Wohngemeinschaften or WGs. These options generally include more opportunities in terms of location and rental period. Besides, living with local people can help the participants obtain more profound cultural immersion and improve their language proficiency, thus having a more valuable experience in general. 

Student Accommodation Stuttgart

5. Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime

Many of the student housing facilities across the city of Stuttgart are managed by Stuttgarter Studentenwohnheime e. V. Some housing facilities are not so popular but are relatively cheap. These dormitories provide single beds to more spacious apartments and are generally cheaper than other units in popular student accommodation buildings. They are selected in such a manner that they are accessible to public transportation and university most of the time eliminating long distances traveling during the day. 

6. Youth Hostels and Guesthouses 

For students who may want to find temporary lodgings, youth hostels, and guest houses are ideal options. As they are normally intended for the tourist, they sometimes have special offers for those, who are willing to stay longer. Young person’s hostels such as the Jugendherberge Stuttgart International, offer comfortable and secure room and board together with a chance to interact with people from other countries. This option is especially suitable for international students who require temporary accommodation upon arrival before they find a proper house or an apartment. 

7. Social Housing Programs 

Another source of affordable student accommodation is social housing programs that exist in Stuttgart. These programs are intended to help low-income people including students to get housing at lower rates. There tend to be some documents that one is supposed to produce and proof of income when applying for social housing, however, the fare that one is charged is much cheaper than the market price. Students can visit housing offices within their areas of preference to check on the available options and how to apply. 

8. is an online student accommodation service platform, which provides lists of accommodations for students in various cities in the world including Stuttgart. It offers a facility to compare multiple properties on a single webpage and a filter feature to filter the list according to your budget and preferences. 


You find different accommodation options in Stuttgart, such as on-campus housing, off-campus student accommodations, and private rental apartments. 


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