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In the dynamic world of streetwear, where fashion intersects with urban culture, has emerged as a formidable brand. Known for its edgy designs, bold statements, and cultural resonance, Trapstar has carved out a significant niche in the fashion industry. Founded in London, Trapstar blends street culture, music, and art to create a distinctive identity that resonates with a diverse and global audience.

Origins and Evolution

Trapstar was founded in 2005 by a trio of friends: Mikey Trapstar, Lee Trapstar, and Will Trapstar. What began as a humble endeavor selling T-shirts and hats in London’s Portobello Market quickly evolved into a full-fledged brand. The founders, driven by their passion for fashion and street culture, sought to create a label that spoke to their experiences and the urban environment they were part of.

The name “Trapstar” is derived from the word “trap,” a slang term that refers to the hustle and grind of urban life, and “star,” representing the aspiration to shine and succeed despite challenges. This ethos is reflected in their designs, which often feature bold graphics, provocative slogans, and a rebellious spirit.

Design and Aesthetic

Trapstar’s design philosophy is rooted in the blend of high fashion and street style. Here are some key elements that define the brand’s aesthetic:

  • Bold Graphics and Logos: Trapstar is known for its striking logos and graphic designs. The “It’s a Secret” slogan and the iconic “T” logo are instantly recognizable and have become synonymous with the brand’s identity.
  • Dark and Edgy Themes: The color palette often includes dark tones like black, red, and gray, reflecting the gritty urban landscape. Themes of rebellion, defiance, and resilience are prevalent in their collections.
  • Collaborations: Trapstar has collaborated with various artists, musicians, and brands, enhancing its credibility and reach within the streetwear community. Notable collaborations include partnerships with Puma, Roc Nation, and even a limited-edition collection with the late rapper Pop Smoke.

Cultural Impact

Trapstar has transcended the realm of fashion to become a cultural phenomenon. Here are some ways the brand has influenced and been influenced by urban culture:

  • Music and Entertainment: Trapstar has a strong connection with the music industry, particularly hip-hop and grime. High-profile artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Stormzy, and ASAP Rocky have been spotted wearing Trapstar, lending the brand significant visibility and credibility.
  • Global Reach: While rooted in London, Trapstar’s influence has spread globally. Its international appeal is evident in its presence in fashion capitals like New York, Tokyo, and Paris, as well as its diverse customer base.
  • Social Media and Influencers: The brand has effectively leveraged social media to build its identity and engage with its audience. Influencers and celebrities wearing Trapstar have amplified its reach, making it a staple in contemporary streetwear.

The Future of Trapstar

As Trapstar continues to grow, it remains committed to its roots while pushing the boundaries of streetwear. Here are some potential directions for the brand:

  • Sustainability: Like many fashion brands, Trapstar is likely to focus more on sustainability, exploring eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices.
  • Expansion: With its solid foundation, Trapstar may expand its product lines to include more lifestyle and accessory items, catering to a broader audience.
  • Innovation: Embracing new technologies and trends, such as augmented reality and digital fashion, could be on the horizon for Trapstar, enhancing customer engagement and experience.


Trapstar’s journey from a local streetwear brand to a global phenomenon is a testament to its founders’ vision and the brand’s authentic connection to urban culture. With its bold designs, cultural relevance, and unwavering commitment to its ethos, Trapstar has cemented its place in the fashion industry. As it looks to the future, Trapstar continues to embody the spirit of hustle, resilience, and aspiration, inspiring a new generation of streetwear enthusiasts around the world.


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