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Student Accommodation in College Station

College Station is one of the cities in the United States of America, which have gained fame for providing education to students from different corners of the world. Texas A&M University is a major institution in this city, which has been ranked 134th among 1500 universities in the world in QS World University Rankings 2024. Therefore, studying at this university is an opportunity to study in one of the top 150 universities in the world. When international students enroll in Texas A&M University or any institute in College Station, their major need happens to be accommodation. There are numerous student accommodation in college station available for international students in this city, but the major concern of many students is the price of accommodation. 

Here, you will read about the affordable student accommodations in College Station for 2024. 


Redpoint is a property designed for student accommodation College Station, which is not only affordable but also has some high-end amenities. The rent of accommodation in this property starts from $619 per month. You can reach Texas A&M University from Redpoint within 10 minutes by driving from this property. 

You find a study desk and chair and a private study room for your studies on this property. For your everyday workouts, there is a 24-hour fitness center available here. Moreover, you also find a volleyball court in the complex so you can enjoy sports.

Furthermore, a swimming pool is also here for swimming, bathing, sitting on the deck, and playing in the water. Besides, there is also a games room, where you can play interesting indoor games with your co-residents. Kitchen appliances are available in the kitchens for your dining. 

Moreover, a parking space is also provided to individuals for their vehicles. It is pet-friendly so if you like to keep pets with you, you can keep them here without any worries. 

Redpoint is an ideal destination for everyone who wants to book a room in a student apartment College Station. There are multiple-bedroom apartments available in Redpoint and one apartment may have 2 to 6 bedrooms. 

You can book a bedroom in an apartment and there are shared spaces here such as kitchens and living rooms. All the units of this property are equipped with internet connections to accomplish every online task. 

This property is fully secure for you with the availability of a 24/7 security team, and a secure door entry is also provided to every student. 

Z Islander 

Z Islander is another student housing College station where you can book affordable accommodation. The price of accommodation in Z Islander starts from $629 per month. It also has some amazing amenities for your studies and other activities. 

You find a study room and a study desk and chair for your studies during your stay in this property. A Wi-Fi internet connection can also be found here, which you can use for your studies as well as other online tasks. For workouts, you find a 24/7 fitness center in Z Islander.

A volleyball court is also here to play sports and to stay fit. You find a swimming pool also here, which can be considered as both fun and fitness feature due to the health benefits associated with swimming. A pool table is available in Z Islander on which students can play friendly matches of pool with their co-residents.  

Gas cookers and other kitchen appliances can be found here in kitchens. There are also fire pits and laundry services on this property. The property is pet-friendly so pet lovers can keep their pets here freely. Social events are also organized in Z Islander from time to time which are great sources of fun and socialization for students. 

There are two types of accommodations available in this property, which are apartments and studios. Apartments are available with 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. 

You can reach Texas A&M University from Z Islander within 8 minutes by driving. 

Northpoint Crossing 

Northpoint Crossing is another affordable student housing property in College Station. It is just within 20 minutes of walking distance and 7 minutes of driving distance from Texas A&M University. The cost of accommodation in Northpoint Crossing starts from $699 per month. There are studios and 1 to 4-bedroom apartments on this property. 

Like the abovementioned two properties, it boasts some high-end amenities. Here are some of the amenities that you find here. 

  • Study Features: Study room and study desks with chairs 
  • Online Access: Wi-Fi internet connection 
  • Fitness and Leisure: Swimming pool, games room, and 24-hour fitness center 
  • Dining: Fridge, microwave, oven, and other kitchen appliances 
  • Others: Parking, bicycle parking, garage, pet-friendliness, onsite maintenance, printing machine, and secure door entry for every student 

A shuttle service is also available for students in Northpoint Crossing. From time to time, social events are organized here for fun and  socialization

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