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University of Melbourne

What better city to live in than bustling Melbourne where students from across the world come to pursue their studies? As you start your new journey, one of the most important aspects to consider is finding perfect student accommodation in Melbourne. This city offers many options for students in terms of education, entertainment, food, culture immersion, and outdoor activities with its own unique set of advantages and considerations. As you are on this blog, we hope you have a pen and paper ready to jot down some of the important points to check before booking accommodation. So, let’s dive in and discover how to find Melbourne student accommodation!   

If you are studying at the University of Melbourne and seeking off-campus accommodation, you can easily find many options to choose from the list!   

First, get to know the types of student accommodation   

The private student accommodation comes as a student room and student apartments in Melbourne.     Student rooms comprise studios, suites, and en-suite student rooms all-inclusive of amenities and utilities.     

Student apartments comprise multiple occupancies ranging from single to shared student apartments. They come with all-inclusive amenities and utilities.     

Homestays are great for getting local experience, and cultural immersion in the Aussie culture.     

These private student accommodations are built close to the university campus and are within walking distance to and fro. They have been designed keeping the needs and requirements of the students in mind.    

Budget: An essential criterion  

If you have a budget in mind, you should not be compromising on paying higher than the set budget. Even till the last moment, you can also find low-cost student accommodation easily. With a wide range of options in your hand, you should have no fear. Despite this, if you want to secure a safe and best student home in Melbourne, the key is to search early and book your accommodation a few months before you start your journey.   


While most of the student housing in Melbourne is set close to the uni campus, there may be few that are not within walking distance. So, while you are house hunting, be sure to check the distance and easy access to public transportation. Another important factor you should be looking at in the location is its safety, ask about the neighborhood, its crime rate, and the safety of the area. This is one of the most important facts to consider while searching for a student’s home.   


Private student accommodation stands out from the other types of accommodation because of its special features like the facilities. The student housing comes fully furnished with the best amenities to simplify your life. When you choose private housing, you will get a furnished home with a bed, cupboard, drawers, etc. Then on top of this, it is equipped with the best facilities such as a gym, study room, laundry service, game room, common room and many others. So, when you hunt for a student home, make sure you ask about the facilities offered by the properties in Melbourne.    


Now, this is something that will cost you those extra billings if you are not careful of its usage. The utility bills usually include the cost of electricity, gas, wi-fi, garbage, maintenance, security, etc. But do you know that a private student covers all the utility bills? This means your student rent will cover the cost of utility bills mentioned above! So, when you search for a student home, ask about the inclusive utility fee too.


When it comes to safety, it’s always a priority for anyone, especially for students who are planning to stay abroad. When you search for student accommodation, you should inquire about the location of where the property is located. Ask about the safety of the area. Then, ask about the safety of the property. Is it safe for students? It is equipped with the latest safety tools, technology, and equipment to keep you safe in case of any emergencies.    

How and where to book student accommodation 

There are online platforms that you can find listing an extensive list of properties in Melbourne. The student accommodation is verified, safe, and secure for students. You can search, compare, and book accordingly as per your preference and requirements. There are many groups and communities on social media that you can leverage and get assistance, references, and suggestions on where to find the best student accommodation.  

Finally: You can also request to view the property before making any booking. There’s a virtual house viewing tour that gives you a 360-degree view of the property. Then, there is a physical house viewing tour which you can opt for if you are in the country. It’s always best to have a notion of the place you plan and decide to live in as this will be a few years of your academic life.

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