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Tips to Save Money as a Student in Frankfurt in 2024

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Frankfurt is a city in Germany, which is widely popular among a large number of international students from different corners of the world. The confluence of traditions as well as modernization can be perfectly witnessed in this city. Goethe University Frankfurt and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are the two universities located in Frankfurt, which host both international and domestic students. The number of students are increasing each year in the city.

When international students enroll in Frankfurt, they have many concerns one of which is saving money. Many of the students are going to live far from their families for the first time, and in that case, they have to give special care to saving money in a foreign city. 

Here are some tips to save money as a student in Frankfurt that you can apply. 

Start Setting with Your Budget 

Setting your budget is a major step to saving your money. You can set your budget in two phases. First, you can make a budget considering the known expenses while in your home country. After that, you can revise the budget after reaching Frankfurt considering the expenses that you will know after you start living there.  

Choose Accommodation Carefully 

Your arrangement for saving money starts from your home country while searching for student accommodation Frankfurt. You can search for accommodation through online platforms from your home country. While looking for accommodation, you should check which accommodations are according to your budget. Besides, according to your total budget, you should think about how much you can spend on accommodation and how much on other expenses. 

There are some features on online platforms, which make it easier for you to get budget-friendly accommodations. There is a filter feature on many platforms, which allows you to filter the lists of accommodations in Frankfurt or any other city according to prices, amenities, and more. Some platforms also provide you a comparison feature that allows you to compare the prices, amenities, and more of multiple platforms on a single webpage. 

Try to Get Shared Accommodation If You Are Comfortable with It 

If you share your room with one or more roommates, the rent is split equally among all the roommates. Some accommodation owners may charge extra for multiple occupants but still, your part of the rent will be lower than what you need to pay while living alone.  So, if you are comfortable living with roommates, you can choose this option also for your accommodation. 

Find Accommodation near Your Institute 

If you find accommodation near your institute, you will not need to spend so much money on commuting. Some accommodations can be found within less than 10 minutes of walking distance from universities and colleges in Frankfurt. If you find any such accommodation, you can commute from your accommodation to the institute and vice versa free of cost. Besides, if you find accommodation near your institute but at some distance, then you will have to spend only a few bucks on commuting. 

Start Searching for Accommodation as Early as Possible 

Tips to Save Money as a Student in Frankfurt

If you search for accommodation early, you get more accommodation options so you can get them at low prices. Besides, the prices of accommodations increase as the time of university sessions in Frankfurt or any other city comes closer. So, it is always advised to students to search for accommodation at least three months ago from starting their journey to Frankfurt and the beginning of their sessions. 

Search for Low-Cost Private Rental Apartment Rooms 

It is not necessary for you to book accommodation in a student housing complex, but you can also rent a room in a private rental apartment in Frankfurt. Such apartment rooms are available in different price ranges. Some of them are available at low or moderate rates whereas there are some, which are available at very high prices. 

You can choose low-cost private apartment rooms, which can be good for saving money. 

Prepare Meals in Your Kitchen as Much as Possible 

If you go to eat out regularly, you will have to spend a lot of bucks. But, if you know cooking or learn to cook and prepare meals in the kitchen of your accommodation, you can not only save your money but also have healthy homemade food. Visiting restaurants occasionally is not a problem but you should not make it a regular practice. 

Get Student Discounts 

In Frankfurt, you can get student discounts in some stores, restaurants, transport, etc. These student discounts are a good way to save money without a second thought. So, you should check the student discounts available in Frankfurt and obtain them to save your money. 

Involve in Free Leisure Activities 

In Frankfurt, you can find numerous things to do for free or for a small price. You can be involved in outdoor recreational activities or visit the landmarks, which you can visit for free. 


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