The Beauty of Homes: Hallway Benches & Brown Leather Footstools

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Some pieces of furniture that are so useful, you can’t imagine living without them. Yet they often get overlooked for trendier home items. They are the hallway benches and brown leather footstools. These hard workers deserve some time in the spotlight!

The Hardworking Hallway Bench

Have you ever struggled to get your shoes on while standing up and hopping around? Or maybe you’ve got little kids who could use a boost to reach that high hook for their backpacks? Hallway benches are the solution!

Think about how much happens right inside your front door – shoes and coats going on and off, bags getting stashed, keys and mail accumulating. A nice wide bench gives you a designated zone for all that action so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. You will no longer have more clutter piles.

Hallways can feel like just pathways to walk through. But with a bench, they become an intentional space too. Need to take a breather after running errands? Have a seat! Avoiding doorbell ditchers? Camp out and wait for those sneaky kids!

While sure, entranceway benches are crazily practical, they can also be incredible style pieces. An accent bench with ornate woodwork or funky armrests? Yes, please! Choosing one with hidden shoe storage? You got it.

Your hallway makes the first impression on any guests entering your home. So use your bench as an opportunity to establish your home’s vibe! Sleek and minimalist or more ornate – it’ll give visitors a taste of what your overall aesthetic is.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever plopped down on the floor to wrangle your shoes on! With an entranceway bench, those undignified days are over. Having a sturdy seat at just the right height makes slipping shoes on/off a total breeze.

Have you been yearning for a designated “drop zone” to corral all the bits and bobs you tend to drop as soon as you walk in the door? Baskets, trays, and shelving on a hallway bench provide the perfect command station for keys, mail, and more.

When you’ve got a little one, having a bench in the entryway is crucial. It gives you a safe, comfortable spot to sit and take off tiny shoes. Plus, tons of storage for all those baby supplies like diaper bags, carriers, and spare outfits are inevitably needed.

Don’t Forget the Footstools!

Oh, and we can’t forget to shower some appreciation on those brown leather footstools too! Yeah, they may be tiny compared to other furniture. But, those little pieces of furniture pack a mighty functional punch. You sink into that soft, supple leather and the stress just melts away.

Footstools make surprisingly comfortable extra seating when you need it! Just pull one up to your armchair and you have got a sweet spot for kids to cosy up next to you for storytime. Or an impromptu seat for guests if you are short on chairs.

You know how doctors are always getting on your case about putting your feet up? Nagging you to elevate those legs to help cut down on swelling and get your blood flowing better? Well, having a footstool around makes it so easy to follow that advice. You’ll be doing your body a solid favour without even really trying.

Beyond being a footrest and seat, leather footstools can pull double-duty as minimalist side tables too! Set down a tray of snacks or a stack of magazines – the possibilities are endless.

Brown leather footstools complement practically any colour scheme or style of decor. From modern to rustic, traditional to boho chic, they seamlessly blend in. Talk about accent pieces that work hard!

One of the best things about footstools is their portable size. Need to make more floor space? Just tuck them out of the way under a console table or against the wall. So much better than clunky coffee tables!

Though small, footstools can be a fun opportunity to add colour, patterns and visual interest. Go for solid brown to keep it classic. Or pick out fun studs, nailheads or playful fabrics to make it an accent piece.

Basic bland footstools got you down? Get an ottoman that has interior storage! Quickly stash away throws, magazines, or even snack supplies inside. It’s like having a portable mini coffee table at your feet.

While primarily for resting feet, ottomans can also be clutch for tasks that require getting down low. Having a nicely upholstered footstool makes the perfect portable lap desk or craft project prop! Way more comfortable than hunching over the floor.

Can we take a second to think about our poor four-legged friends? They so often get the short end of the stick when it comes to having nice, comfy places to curl up. But do you know what makes the perfect super plush, ultra-luxurious pet bed for your dogs or cats? A big squashy leather ottoman!

There’s seriously nothing cuter or more indulgent than getting to lounge back while your precious pup is snoozing away at your feet on that soft leather footstool. Letting your furry little buddy live their best-pampered pooch life right there by your side? Your dog or cat will be living the dream.

Their timeless style and incredible functionality make them practical design heroes. Don’t overlook these pieces any longer – grab a bench and stool (or two!) on your next furniture shopping trip.

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