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body spray for women

Body spray is essential for the care & maintenance of our hygiene. Something you may not have known is that there are several factors that go into choosing a spray. The needs of your skin, how much you sweat or if the armpit area smells more are just some of these factors.

Why do armpits smell bad?

Our sweat is the result of a body mechanism, which aims to regulate body temperature. However, sweat is odorless. The bad smell of the area is due to skin bacteria and the decomposition of sweat.

The stench is not always equally unpleasant in intensity. Some people don’t smell that strongly, while others smell a lot. How strong the stench is also varies according to the conditions. The smell of the area can be affected by certain foods, by taking various medications, by hormonal imbalance, and even by the psychological state. Below, you will find some tips to choose the right body spray for women.

What types of sprays are there?

Spray or antiperspirant (antiperspirant)

These are not the same products. Sprays aim to prevent bad breath thanks to antimicrobial & antibacterial properties. On the other hand, antiperspirants or antiperspirants prevent sweating. In essence, they are made with astringent properties so that they do not allow sweat to escape from the pores. Therefore, depending on whether you sweat profusely or if you notice a strong odor, you must also choose the appropriate product.

We must emphasize that antiperspirants have been accused several times of blocking pores and trapping toxins that would be removed with sweat.

Sprays with alcohol

Alcohol-based sprays were very popular, as they gave an instant feeling of freshness, dried quickly and effectively prevented bad breath. Later, alcohol-based sprays were blamed for being unsuitable for the sensitive underarm area. Many times, irritations, itching and other discomforts are indeed observed. On the other hand, there are the fanatical supporters of sprays with alcohol, as they provide them with the maximum results. If your skin is sensitive and the bad smell problem is not so intense, it is good to avoid them.

Spray without aluminum

Aluminum in sprays often causes irritation, so most companies have started removing it from their sprays. However, since there are no studies that this harms health, there are still sprays with aluminum. In fact, this is a very effective for intense sweating.

Crystals as spray

Special crystals – sprays are used by a large portion of people lately. Crystals are essentially a natural mineral salt, which can be found in solid or liquid spray form. This is a more natural solution, but it may not cover cases of strong odor or sweating.

Spray for sensitive armpits

A very common phenomenon is the sensitive skin in the armpits. This fact is not accidental, as this area is more vulnerable due to the anatomy and the friction it experiences. Therefore, if you notice intense redness, pimples or itching, it is good to use a best body lotion for sensitive skin without alcohol & aluminum.

Spray Spray, roll-on, stick or cream?

Now, one can find a very wide variety of spray textures on the market. This is more a matter of personal choice. On the one hand, roll-on sprays are the first to be released and many people prefer them. On the other hand, sprays provide great convenience & practicality, but have been accused of harmful effects on the environment. Now, there are stick sprays as well as creams.

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