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Nepal Teer is a traditional archery-based betting game that has gained significant popularity among the local populace and tourists alike. This unique form of gambling is not just a game of chance but a cultural festivity that combines skill, tradition, and excitement. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to check nepal teer result, how it works and how to play.

Understanding the Game: How It Works

The basic premise of Nepal Teer involves predicting the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target successfully. Before the event, participants place their bets on numbers ranging from 00 to 99. These numbers represent their guesses for the final two digits of the total count of arrows hitting the target.

On the day of the event, skilled archers shoot arrows at a traditional target from a predefined distance. The event usually continues until a certain number of arrows have been shot, often numbering in the hundreds. The total count of arrows that successfully hit the target is tallied, and the last two digits of this total determine the winning number for that session.

How to check Nepal Teer Result?

A)Online Platforms

    The most convenient way to check nepal teer result is through various online platforms. These websites are dedicated to publishing the results immediately after they are announced at the game venue. To check the results:

    1. Visit a Reliable Website: Start by visiting a website that is known for providing accurate and timely Nepal Teer results. These websites usually have a specific section for Teer results where the latest outcomes are displayed.
    2. Navigate to the Teer Results Section: On the website, navigate to the Teer results page, which typically lists the results by date. Select the relevant date for which you want to check the results.
    3. View the Results: The results are generally displayed in a simple format, showing the winning numbers for the day’s game sessions. Some sites also offer the option to receive results via email or SMS notifications, providing a more immediate update.

           B)  Local Venues and Betting Counters

    For those who prefer a more traditional method or who are present at the game location, nepal teer result can also be checked directly at the venue:

    1. Announcement at the Venue: Immediately following the completion of the archery session, the results are announced at the venue. This allows attendees to get the results firsthand.
    2. Betting Counters: Authorized betting counters, where bets are placed, often have information on the latest results. Participants can visit these counters to confirm the results and collect any winnings.

         C)  Community Forums and Social Media

    In addition to official sources, many community forums and social media groups dedicated to Nepal Teer also share results. These platforms can be useful for discussing results and strategies with other enthusiasts.

    Checking nepal teer result is accessible through multiple channels, whether you prefer digital convenience or the traditional atmosphere of the archery range. By staying informed about the outcomes, participants can quickly engage with the game and plan their next moves in the exciting world of Nepal Teer.

    How to Play Nepal Teer?

    Step 1: Understanding the Game Basics

    The essence of Nepal Teer revolves around predicting the number of arrows that will hit a specific target. Before the game begins, archers are set to shoot arrows at a target, and the game’s objective is to guess the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target successfully. For example, if 1027 arrows strike the target, the winning number for that session would be 27.

    Step 2: Placing Your Bets

    Betting in Nepal Teer involves selecting numbers from 00 to 99. Each number corresponds to the potential last two digits of the total count of arrows hitting the target. Bets can typically be placed in two ways:

    1. Direct Betting: This is the simplest form of betting, where you predict and bet on one or multiple numbers that you believe will be the winning digits.
    2. Forecast Betting: More complex, this involves predicting the sequential outcome of several rounds, requiring not just luck but a keen insight into patterns or historical results.

    To place a bet, you approach an authorised Teer betting counter, available at the venue or through various online platforms that are regulated and secure. The bets are placed before the start of the shooting session.

    Step 3: The Archery Session

    On the day of the game, skilled archers gather at the designated venue, usually an open ground or a traditional archery range. The archers then shoot arrows at a target from a fixed distance. The game continues until a predetermined number of arrows has been shot, ensuring ample opportunity for a wide range of outcomes and increasing the excitement of the spectators.

    Step 4: Counting and Announcing the Results

    Once the archery session concludes, the total number of arrows that successfully hit the target is counted. The officials then determine the last two digits of this total, which form the winning number. The nepal teer result are announced at the venue and often broadcasted online for wider accessibility.

    Step 5: Collecting Winnings

    If your bet matches the winning number, you can collect your winnings from the same counter where you placed your bet. The payout depends on the odds and the type of bet placed. Direct bets usually have higher odds compared to forecast bets, reflecting the difficulty level of accurately predicting the outcomes.


    Nepal Teer is more than just a game—it’s a vibrant part of Nepal’s cultural heritage that offers excitement, community connection, and a link to the ancient art of archery. If you know how to play the game, you can win good amount of money after nepal teer result is announced. Whether you’re a local resident, a tourist, or an online participant, the game offers a unique glimpse into the rich cultural fabric of Nepal, making it a fascinating subject for those interested in betting.


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