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Storing data within the computer is one of the important tasks, to ensure data continuity even if it is deleted accidentally or hacked by someone. However, doing the same can be a tedious and time-consuming procedure, especially if it needs to be done manually. But, in this great guide, we go through the steps and the robust solution that can easily save Office 365 emails to desktop simultaneously. 

So, join us and explore the guidelines carefully to accomplish the task hassle-free. Before starting with the solution, let’s first delve into the advantages behind it with which we can understand the decision to store data in our systems is a wise one.

What Are the Benefits to Save Outlook 365 Emails to Computer?

Many advantages are associated with storing the information in the PCs. Below points are outlined the same:

  1. Control over data security, implement encryption and protect sensitive information more effectively.
  2. Accessing emails without the internet is beneficial for travel or limited connectivity situations.
  3. Safeguard against deletion, server issues, or migration problems, ensuring no loss of important correspondence.
  4. Quick retrieval, especially with large mailboxes or slow internet connections, enhances efficiency.
  5. Customize email archives for easier retrieval, tailoring structure to personal preferences.
  6. Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements by locally retaining emails, and meeting industry standards.

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Learn the Methods to Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop

One can easily save Outlook 365 emails to computer using two different solutions i.e. manual and automated. In the upcoming sections, we learn each of them thoroughly and simply. 

So, first, let’s start with the traditional method & its steps.

#Approach 1. Manual Method

Users who want to do the task manually, then first ensure that you have Outlook installed on your desktop. After that, just follow the instructions given below. 

So, our first task is to configure Outlook with Office 365. For the same, just go through the guidelines as follows:

  1. Run the program and select the File option > Add Account.
  2. Next, provide the required credentials for Office 365 account, to sync details of both the services.

By following these steps one can easily proceed with the configuration task. Next, to save Office 365 emails to desktop in PST format, you can consider these instructions.

  1. Choose the Files > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. Then, select the “export to a file” option > Outlook data file PST(.pst).
  3.  Select the mailbox for the backuping task and click “Next.”
  4. Choose the desired location to store the resultant PST files.
  5. Lately, hit the “Finish” button to accomplish the procedure.

Why Experts Don’t Consider the Manual Method to Save Outlook 365 Emails to Computer?

  • Saving may be restricted to .msg or .html, losing embedded content or formatting details.
  • Crucial info like sender, date, and subject may not be preserved.
  • Inefficient for bulk processing, each email requires individual attention.
  • Risk of human error, accidental deletion, or overwriting leading to irreversible loss during the “save Office 365 emails to desktop” procedure.
  • Finding specific emails among many without proper organization is difficult.
  • Dependency on-device storage, vulnerable to loss or corruption without backup.
  • Non-compliance with data retention policies or legal requirements may arise.
  • Limited integration with other software or tools, hindering workflow efficiency.
  • Lack of systematic backup may lead to data loss during failures.

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#Approach 2. Automated Solution

SysTools Office 365 Backup & Restore Software offers a comprehensive solution for saving Office 365 emails to desktop effortlessly. Using this one can backup Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments concurrently with ease. The software also facilitates selective backup options, allowing users to choose specific data for backup. 

Additionally, its advanced restoration capabilities ensure swift and accurate retrieval of backed-up data whenever required. Overall, with this utility, users can confidently safeguard their Office 365 data while enjoying the convenience of desktop accessibility.

How to Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop? – Working Steps

Step 1. Launch the solution, and select the source(Office 365) & destination(Outlook) platform. 

Step 2. Choose the mailbox to save Outlook 365 emails to computer, & one can backup data selectively with the Date Filter option.

Step 3. Enter the source and destination platform credentials. Press the Validate button.

Step 4. Choose the destination location to store PST files. 

Step 5. Use any of the mapping options which are given below to ensure perfect backuping:

  • Fetch Users
  • Import Users
  • Download Template

Step 6. Click on the user account & validate them. Then, click on the Start Backup button.

Ending Thoughts

Throughout this article, we explore the two preferred methods to save Office 365 emails to desktop simultaneously & hassle-free. These methods are 100% safe & secure, so one can trust them. But, when it comes to choosing one of them then it will be quite easy because manual method is full of limitations. 

On the other hand, the specified smart solution is an all-rounder and reliable utility. So, one can opt for this to save Outlook 365 emails to computer in just a few minutes. 


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