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How to Implement SEO best practices for Local Business in Calgary Canada Region?

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How to Implement SEO best practices for Local Business in Calgary Canada Region?

The objective is to get Google to index/rank certain pages, topics, questions or keywords and to do this it is necessary to follow SEO best practices. Although this “small” topic is an obvious reason for several articles, we can try to condense this area into:

  • Simplify the website architecture and its navigation structure;
  • Optimize title tags;
  • Create content for the user;
  • Make headlines simple and action-oriented for the potential customer;
  • Create a strong article structure that responds to user needs;
  • Pay attention to meta descriptions (even though we know that the value of this item is no longer valued by search engines, we know that it is very important for the user);
  • Map internal links/anchor text;
  • Have a sitemap that is always up to date;
  • Ensure a clean and understandable URL structure.

Nowadays, and in the near future, the creation of user-focused content will remain at the heart of SEO:

we must ensure that we are the answer to users’ searches and that we offer, visually and structurally, the best user experience while browsing our website.

The website has poor architecture and the user experience is poor:

The architecture and navigation of a website is essential for its ranking. If the content and navigation of the website is not clear, we can have a large number of users who arrive at a page and then “backtrack” to the SERP pages to try to get a better response and an improved browsing experience. Now this is what is called Bounce Rate or bounce rate. And neither Google nor we like it when it is too high, as it means that after all we are not giving the answer that the user needed.

This metric serves as an alert to search engines. The higher it is, the greater the probability that our content will lose classification/ranking.

How to improve the architecture/navigation of a website?

Easy! Give users good content and a clear map of your website. At the heart of a great user experience is often the navigation menu.

In a Google Webmaster Central hangout with the presence of John Mueller we got a simple answer on this topic of website architecture:

“We should be able to crawl a website from one URL to another URL just by the links present on the pages. If this doesn’t happen it means we could lose a lot of context from your website.”

Ensure that your website is all interconnected, that the navigation is clear, that each page has a purpose, that the user can identify your content as credible and valuable and that they understand the actions they should take within your website.

Not having enough quality back links:

This topic appears near the end of this article for a specific reason. Even if you meet all the previous requirements and your website, pages and content are already indexed, there is still a very important job to do: convincing Google, or other search engines, that your content is the best and most complete with the objective of obtaining even better positions in the results ranking – SERP.

While there are many factors at play in Google’s algorithm (possibly hundreds), the number of quality backlinks to a page appears to be one of the strongest. You can find more information in this ahrefs study.

In practice, this means that if the websites or pages that appear in the SERP before your results have many backlinks, this could be one of the reasons why you cannot obtain better results.

To find out the number of websites (domains) linked to your pages, you can use the free Back link Checker tool from ahrefs. SEO Expert in Calgary

It is in a very competitive market/industry:

There are markets/industries that are already very developed in terms of digital marketing, which makes the challenge of positioning your website in top positions much more difficult. What if your case is one of these? Despite the greater difficulty, this just means that you will have:

  • Less room for error;
  • You will need to work harder to get better rankings;
  • You will need to build a more segmented and bold editorial calendar. In addition to written content that respects all SEO techniques and tactics, for example, you may also need to create a video for some of the content, info graphics and images.
  • Improving your website’s positioning in search engines can be a very complicated task. But you have to start somewhere. We know there are many reasons why content or a website may or may not be well positioned and it can be tempting to optimize every detail, however, SEO is about progress and updating, not quick fixes.

Admittedly, this article does not address all the factors that may be harming the ranking of your website and/or content. For example, there may be deeper technical SEO issues or your keyword strategy may not be effective. Contact us for SEO agency in Calgary

Still, this article should give you a basic perspective on where the possible problems lie that you can start solving now as you will realize that many of the problems come down to the quality of the content on your website.


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