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In today’s digital age, fake followers on Instagram have become a significant concern for many users. Knowing how to find out who buys fake followers on Instagram can help maintain the platform’s integrity and ensure genuine interactions.

This guide will help you understand the signs of fake followers and methods to identify accounts that engage in this deceptive practice.

Why Do People Buy Fake Followers on Instagram?

To begin with, it’s essential to understand why people buy fake followers on Instagram. Many individuals and businesses aim to appear more popular and influential than they are. High follower counts can attract more attention, partnerships, and even paid promotions. However, this practice is misleading and can undermine trust.

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Signs of Fake Followers on Instagram

1. Low Engagement Rates

One of the most obvious signs of fake followers on Instagram is low engagement rates. Accounts with a high number of followers but very few likes, comments, or shares on their posts might be using fake followers. Genuine followers tend to interact with content, so a lack of engagement is a red flag.

2. Generic Comments

Another indicator is generic or irrelevant comments. Fake followers often use bots that leave nonsensical or overly generic comments like “Nice post!” or “Great pic!” repeatedly. This lack of meaningful interaction suggests that the followers are not real people.

3. Incomplete Profiles

Fake accounts often have incomplete profiles. They may lack a profile picture, bio, or even posts. If an account has thousands of followers but the profiles following them look suspicious, they are likely fake.

Tools to Identify Fake Followers

Social Media Auditing Tools

Several tools can help identify fake followers on Instagram. These tools analyze various metrics to determine the authenticity of an account’s followers.


FakeCheck is a popular tool for spotting fake followers. It analyzes the engagement rate, follower quality, and other metrics to provide an authenticity score for Instagram accounts.

IG Audit

IG Audit is another effective tool. It estimates the percentage of real versus fake followers on any given account by analyzing the account’s activity and follower engagement.

Manual Checks

Besides using tools, you can also perform manual checks to find fake followers.

Scrutinize Follower Profiles

Take some time to manually review the profiles of followers. Look for incomplete profiles, generic usernames, and low activity levels. These are often indicators of fake accounts.

Engagement Analysis

Compare the number of likes and comments to the total follower count. A huge discrepancy often indicates that the followers are not genuine.

Steps to Protect Your Account from Fake Followers

Maintain Genuine Engagement

The best way to protect your account from fake followers is to focus on genuine engagement. Respond to comments, interact with followers, and create high-quality content that encourages real interactions.

Use Trusted Growth Services

If you are looking to grow your follower base, use trusted growth services that adhere to Instagram’s guidelines. Avoid services that promise thousands of followers overnight, as these often involve fake accounts.

Regularly Clean Your Followers List

Regularly review your followers and remove any suspicious accounts. This can help maintain the integrity of your profile and ensure your follower base is genuine.


Understanding how to find out who buys fake followers on Instagram is crucial for maintaining authenticity on the platform. By recognizing the signs of fake followers, using auditing tools, and conducting manual checks, you can ensure your interactions are genuine.

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Remember, real influence comes from authentic engagement and meaningful connections, not inflated numbers.

By following these steps, you can protect your Instagram account from the pitfalls of fake followers and build a more trustworthy and engaging presence on the platform.

In summary, spotting fake followers on Instagram involves looking at engagement rates, scrutinizing comments, and using specialized tools. By focusing on genuine engagement and regularly cleaning your follower list, you can maintain the authenticity of your Instagram presence.

FAQs: How to Find Out Who Buys Fake Followers on Instagram

Q1: Why is it important to identify fake followers on Instagram?

A1: Identifying fake followers is crucial because they can distort engagement metrics, mislead potential collaborators, and undermine trust. Genuine interactions are essential for building a reputable and influential Instagram presence.

Q2: What are some common signs of fake followers on Instagram?

A2: Common signs include low engagement rates despite a high follower count, generic or irrelevant comments, and profiles that are incomplete or have very few posts.

Q3: How can I manually check for fake followers?

A3: Manually checking for fake followers involves scrutinizing follower profiles for signs like lack of profile pictures, incomplete bios, and low activity levels. Comparing the number of likes and comments to the total follower count is also helpful.

Q4: What tools can I use to detect fake followers?

A4: There are several tools available, such as FakeCheck and IG Audit. These tools analyze various metrics, including engagement rates and follower quality, to provide an authenticity score for Instagram accounts.

Q5: Can fake followers harm my Instagram account?

A5: Yes, fake followers can harm your account by reducing engagement rates and making it harder to build genuine relationships with real followers. They can also damage your credibility with potential partners and followers.

Q6: How can I protect my Instagram account from fake followers?

A6: Protect your account by maintaining genuine engagement, using trusted growth services, and regularly cleaning your followers list to remove suspicious accounts.

Q7: What should I do if I discover fake followers on my account?

A7: If you discover fake followers, remove them to ensure your follower base remains authentic. Focus on creating engaging content and interacting with your real followers to build a genuine community.

Q8: Is buying fake followers against Instagram’s policies?

A8: Yes, buying fake followers violates Instagram’s policies. It can lead to penalties, including account suspension or deletion.

Q9: Why do some people buy fake followers despite the risks?

A9: Some people buy fake followers to appear more popular and influential, hoping to attract more attention, partnerships, and paid promotions. However, this practice is deceptive and can have long-term negative consequences.

Q10: How often should I audit my followers to ensure authenticity?

A10: Regularly auditing your followers, such as every few months, can help maintain the integrity of your account and ensure that your follower base is genuine.

Q11: Are there any benefits to having a smaller, more engaged follower base versus a large number of fake followers?

A11: Absolutely. A smaller, more engaged follower base is more valuable as it reflects genuine interest and interaction with your content. This can lead to better relationships with your followers, higher engagement rates, and more trust from potential collaborators.

Q12: Can fake followers be automatically removed by Instagram?

A12: Instagram periodically purges fake accounts and followers. However, it’s still important for users to actively manage their followers to maintain authenticity and engagement.


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