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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in Hertfordshire normally varies in duration and cost based on respective factors, including the size of the furniture, the type of fabric, the level of soil and stains, and the cleaning method used.

Duration of Upholstery Cleaning:

Single Piece:

Upholstery cleaning usually takes 1 to 2 hours on average for a single piece of furniture such as a sofa or armchair. This includes pre-inspection, pre-treatment of stains, steam cleaning or extraction, and post-cleaning inspection.

Entire Room Set:

If you’re having multiple pieces of furniture cleaned in one room, such as a living room set or dining chairs, the process may take longer, typically around 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number and size of items.

Complexity of Cleaning:

Certain factors may extend the duration of upholstery cleaning, such as heavily soiled fabrics, deep-seated stains, or intricate designs requiring extra care and attention.

Drying Time:

After cleaning, upholstery needs time to dry completely before it can be used again. Drying times vary depending on the cleaning method used, humidity levels, and airflow in the room. On average, upholstery may take 4 to 6 hours to dry completely, although it’s best to allow for overnight drying if possible.

Cost of Upholstery Cleaning:

Size and Type of Furniture:

Larger pieces of furniture generally cost more to clean than smaller ones. Additionally, the type of furniture, such as sofas, recliners, dining chairs, or ottomans, can affect the overall cost.

Fabric Type:

Different fabrics require different cleaning techniques and products, which can impact the cost. Delicate or speciality fabrics may require additional care and expertise, leading to higher cleaning costs.

Cleaning Method:

There are various upholstery cleaning methods available, including steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampooing. The cost may vary depending on the method chosen, with steam cleaning typically being the most common and cost-effective option.


Prices for upholstery cleaning services may vary depending on your location. Factors such as the cost of living and local competition can influence pricing.

Extent of Soiling and Stains:

The level of dirt, stains, and soil on the upholstery will influence the cost of cleaning. Heavy stains or deeply embedded dirt may require more intensive cleaning methods, resulting in higher costs.

Special Offers or Discounts:

Look for special offers, promotions, or package deals offered by upholstery cleaning companies. These may provide cost savings for multiple pieces of furniture or recurring services.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cost and Duration of End of Tenancy Cleaning:

End-of-tenancy cleaning is essential for ensuring that a rental property is left in pristine condition when tenants move out. The cost and duration of end of tenancy cleaning in Enfield can differ depending on the following factors.

Size of the Property:


The size of the property significantly impacts the duration of the end-of-tenancy cleaning. Larger properties with multiple rooms, bathrooms, and additional features like balconies or basements may require more time to clean thoroughly.


Generally, end of tenancy cleaning services are charged based on the size of the property. Prices may be calculated per hour or as a flat fee based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Condition of the Property:


The condition of the property at the end of the tenancy can affect the cleaning time. If the property is well-maintained and relatively clean, the cleaning process may be quicker. However, if there are extensive stains, dirt buildup, or damage, it will take longer to restore the property to its original condition.


Cleaning services may charge extra for properties that require deep cleaning or additional treatments to address stubborn stains or neglected areas. The cost may also increase if specific requirements, such as carpet cleaning or oven cleaning, are outlined in the tenancy agreement.

Included Services:


The duration of end-of-tenancy cleaning can vary depending on the services included in the cleaning package. Basic cleaning typically includes tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and sanitising surfaces. However, additional services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and appliance cleaning will extend the cleaning time.


End of tenancy cleaning services often offer different packages with varying levels of service. The cost will depend on the extent of cleaning required and the additional services requested. Some companies may also offer customisable cleaning packages to suit specific needs and budgets.

Location and Service Provider:


The availability of cleaning services and the time required to complete the job may vary depending on your location and the service provider’s schedule.


Prices for end-of-tenancy cleaning services may also vary by location, with higher costs in urban areas or areas with a higher cost of living. Additionally, the reputation and experience of the cleaning company can influence pricing.

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