How Do I Write a Curriculum Vitae For a Teaching Job in Dubai

How Do I Write a Curriculum Vitae For a Teaching Job in Dubai?

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Follow guidelines for Applicants Seeking Teaching Jobs in Dubai and include a clear format and layout to your CV to stand out from the others. When it comes to CV structure, there’s a preference of Dubai employers for more details on the employment history of the candidate along with numerous additional details such as certification, visa status, and marital status among others. The following is a list of key sections to include within a teacher resume for Dubai jobs:

Contact Information:

When writing your resume always start by providing your basic personal details such as your full name, phone number, email address, and your present residential address.

Professional Summary:

To write a concise and engaging professional summary, readers are advised to follow the following steps. Emphasize educational experience, your views on teaching, and other aspects that will make you suitable for the job.

Educational Background:

Provide your education details in backward order, starting with the qualification you attained most recently. List out the degrees that you have earned, the institution that you attended, and the completion year. If you are a teacher then do not forget to mention the teaching certification such as a teaching license, TEFL certificate, etc.

Teaching Experience:

This section should briefly describe the teaching experience that you have undergone in your journey. When listing your previous teaching positions, present them in the order of the most recent first. List the names of the schools or institutions where you have worked, the grades or subjects that you taught, and the length of time you worked at the place. Specify whether you have participated in any innovative processes of teaching, curricula, or specific projects.


To be specific, improve your skills section by ensuring that you align it to the needs of the job in Dubai. This includes knowledge of educational technologies human-related abilities and flexible communication skills. Having such languages as Arabic and English and being fluent in them is always an advantage.


If there are honors, recognitions, or commendations received from students, parents, or other colleagues, then list them in this part. This is why achievements lend credibility to your application.

Professional Development:

Education in Dubai highlights that learning must be continuous. What other workshops, seminars, or courses have you been involved in to improve your teaching methods?

Relevant Interests:

List the hobbies and interests that are associated with education in Dubai. Church activities, cultural and organizational activities, or any event outside class could demonstrate one’s flexibility and passion.


It is advisable sometimes to include the statement that more references can be provided if needed. Always be ready to avail your references if the employer asks for them when he or she is hiring for a particular position.

Benefits of Hiring Professional CV Makers:


An executive CV writing service can help you in getting a well-crafted and great-looking Professional CV Writing that will certainly attract employers by highlighting your skills and achievements. When you enlist the services of an executive CV writing firm you will be sure that the document is properly aligned to suit your qualifications and achievements and how these can be portrayed to potential employers. 


Professional CV writers mean extensive knowledge of the executive positions’ vacancy and the tendencies among the recruiters and employers, as well as the understanding of what information is appropriate and crucial for inclusion in the CV. As they deal with high-ranking CVs, they may help a lot in terms of giving insights on how to make your executive CV stand out. Also, they understand better when it comes to searching for relevant jobs online, and which keywords to focus on for the CV to be noticed. In doing so, you can make the most of your personal and professional potential and guarantee that your CV does not get lost in the pile of similar CVs while targeting executive-level positions.


All in all, preparing the executive CV is not only a time-consuming process, but it also needs professionalism and essential attention. It can be quite challenging for a working executive to find spare time to write a CV that is appropriate for the specific requirements needed to achieve the goals they intend to pursue. Nevertheless, one should always make sure that the CV one has is well written, especially about skills and experience.

This is where an executive CV writing service can make a substantial difference for the candidate in question. You could save time and effort by getting professional assistance whenever possible. These experts are professional resume-writing service providers who work according to the field and position of the individual.

Competitive Edge:

Given the stiff market competition in the jobs available for executives, every bit of an edge counts. Thus, by using the services of an executive CV writing service, one is in a better position to achieve his or her goal. These services offer a professionally written CV and it is important as it shows all your skills and abilities in front of your prospective employer.


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