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How can a Student pass the CA intermediate exam easily?

The CA Intermediate exam is one of India’s most difficult professional exams. The pass percentages are very close to zero; hence, getting and passing this exam is difficult. Nevertheless, if one has the right strategy and puts in all the effort, he or she can easily pass the Intermediate exam. Here are some tips on how students can pass the CA intermediate exam easily.

Important Tips To Clear The CA Intermediate Exam

1. Start Early 

One of the most common errors students commit is to begin their CA intermediate preparation later than it should. The vast syllabus that needs to be covered comprises accounting, auditing, tax, law, and finance. The sooner you begin your studies, the more time you will have to go through the syllabus and focus on everything. This is the first step; you should begin your CA intermediate studies 7-8 months before the exam date. This will allow you to do a thorough self-study and improve your chances of scoring a CA Intermediate Result.

2. Work To Clear Your Concepts

Most students try memorizing everything while preparing for the CA intermediate exam. Nevertheless, the course of knowledge, which is only based on memorizing the information without understanding the concept, will lead you to a dead end. Ensure you concentrate on the understanding of the logic of each concept. Be careful and seek to know every detail of the accounting standards, tax laws, company law provisions, and other core topics. The understanding of the concept is the basis for solving the issues of the test in the exam. You can also consider joining CA Online classes that will help with clearing the concepts in a better way.

3. Regular Revision is a Must for CA Intermediate Exam

Although you might get the idea of the concepts when you read them first, keeping all that information until the exam can be hard unless you revise regularly, you should do this task every week or every two weeks to review what you have learned till now. Thus, you will be able to recall what you have learned. Take notes, draw diagrams, or make charts to aid you in recalling the information. The closer the exam date is, the more often you should review.

4. Solve Past Year Question Papers for CA Intermediate Exam

Solving past exam papers should be one of the most important parts of your CA intermediate exam preparation strategy. It will give you a good idea of the exam pattern, the most tested topics, the level of difficulty, and beyond. Look at your mistakes and try to figure out what went wrong and how to improve them. The target is to finish at least five past question papers before the exam date. Thus, you can confirm your understanding and find the places for improvement.

5. Write Mock Tests

Participating in mock tests regularly will put you in a situation like the actual exam; thus, you can check your knowledge comprehensively. Besides, it will also help you acquire the skill of time management, which is essential for perfecting a professional exam like the CA intermediate with negative marks for the wrong answers. Tests should be taken in one sitting of 3 hours, the same as the actual exam. Remember the places and the reasons for your failure, and then study them to constantly improve.

6. Stay Motivated

Preparing for a course like the CA intermediate exam can be very scary and stressful. Sometimes, it is normal to be discouraged or bogged down by the huge syllabus. Thus, you should constantly remind yourself why you chose this career and your final goals. Pick an inspirational book or quote when you need a morale boost. A study buddy or group can be a great way to stay motivated, discuss doubts, and push each other to get the best results.

7. Take Breaks During CA Intermediate Exam

Besides allocating enough time to study, you should not forget about taking breaks. Never neglect sleep, diet, or physical activity, as they can affect your productivity. Keep a balanced schedule that includes study hours and also allows for relaxation activities like hobbies or spending time with family and friends. This will enable you to concentrate during your study time for the CA Intermediate Exam. Do not watch TV or surf social media when you are studying. Always minimize distractions and give time to studies and do deep studies.

8. Join Coaching Classes

Joining a coaching class can immensely boost your CA Intermediate exam preparation. Studying under the guidance of experienced teachers and preparing with the help of structured study material and mock exercises according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern will provide you with the right boost for your preparation. Online classes are the gift of mobility that allows you to attend from any place. Participation in the classes with your friends also keeps you inspired.


Although preparing for professional exams like the CA intermediate is taxing, passing them with an organized approach, a clear understanding of the concepts, practice, and self-confidence is possible. Make sure you follow your study plan rigorously, learn from your mistakes, and recognize the areas that need to be improved. Be resolved to the end goal, and you will be the winner. The main thing that one has to do is to be consistent with the work and, at the same time, to take care of oneself to avoid burnout. Be smart and prepare for the CA intermediate exam with these tips, and you will pass it easily. All the very best!

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