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Maintaining your motorcycle in top condition ensures a smooth riding experience with comfortable journey. As a rider, it’s important to keep your bike clean, buy bike spare parts online, and generate higher fuel efficiency.


While regular servicing is ideal for comprehensive maintenance, sometimes you might have to perform basic repairs on your own. Whether you have expertise in the field or not, a motorcycle breakdown needs timely attention. If no mechanic is present and your bike requires minor repairs, don’t hesitate to take action yourself.


Even without professional expertise or extensive automotive repair knowledge, you can perform basic repairs to keep your bike in smooth condition. To save money and ensure your bike’s optimal performance, familiarize yourself with basic maintenance jobs including cleaning, polishing, tightening nuts and bolts, and topping up oil and air.


Here, in this blog, you will experience three important bike servicing activities that you can perform at home. Only after knowing the intricate details mentioned below.


1. Clean the air filter


The air filter plays a crucial role by blocking dirt, dust, and other particles, making sure that only clean air enters the engine for best performance. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain this airflow.


Fortunately, you don’t require a professional to clean the air filter. You can perform yourself by these steps:


l Open the side cover of your motorcycle.

l Remove the screws to access the air filter.

l Take out the air filter and remove the foam.

l Wash the air filter foam with clean water and let it dry.

l Rinse the foam with kerosene or petrol if needed.


This is a simple way to clean and dry air filter, reinsert it into your motorcycle. This simple job will help keep your engine running smoothly.


2. Change engine oil


Changing the engine oil is important to maintain your motorcycle’s performance. While it’s majorly performed during service center visits, you can simply perform this job yourself by following these steps:


l Buy high-quality engine oil suitable for your bike.

l If your bike is not used recently, take it for a 4-5 kilometer ride to warm up the engine oil. Warm oil drains more easily.

l After the ride, stop your motorcycle and park it on the main stand.

l Locate the engine oil drain bolt and loosen it.

l Place an empty container under the drain area to catch the old oil.

l Allow the oil to fully drain into the container.

l Once all the old oil is drained, securely close the drain bolt.

l Open the oil fill cap on the top of the engine.

l Use a funnel to pour the new engine oil into the engine, avoiding spills.

l Close the oil fill cap and start the engine, letting it run for 5-10 minutes to circulate the new oil.


By keeping a proper check on these steps, you can simply change your motorcycle’s engine oil and keep it running smoothly.


3. Clean Chain Regularly


Undoubtedly, the chain is an important components of your motorcycle, ensuring smooth tire movement. Just as you invest in online bike accessories to boost your bike’s appearance, keeping the chain system in right condition is equally important for its longevity.


Here’s how you can maintain your motorcycle chain:


l Stand the bike on a stable stand in a neutral gear position.

l Remove the chain housing cover using a screwdriver or other suitable tool.

l Spray the chain area with a liquid cleaning agent.

l Remove stuck dirt, grime, and grease from the chain and its cover.

l Use a brush to thoroughly clean all impurities from the chain system.

l Spray the chain area again with the cleaning agent for a thorough cleanse.

l Lubricate the chain with oil to ensure smooth rotation.

l Reattach the chain cover, and your motorcycle is ready to ride.


By following the above steps and regularly maintaining your chain, along with buying online bike accessories, you can reduce operational cost.


Benefits of self-repairing and maintaining your motorcycle


No matter, if you are considering buying bike accessories online along with spare parts, then also consider how to self-maintaining your motorcycle for following benefits.


1. Save money on basic repair costs


Several routine repair jobs including tightening bolts, adjusting the clutch wire, and keeping the headlight level, don’t need professional assistance. These are simple

tasks you can perform on your own. All you require is a basic set of tools to tighten, loosen, and oil different bike parts, which can help you save on professional repair costs. However, complex tasks including changing the chain system, replacing brake pads, or a puncture problem, it’s advised to avail professional assistance. These major jobs need expertise and specialized tools.


2. Ensure a safe riding experience


By doing timely repairs on your bike, you have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Once you have expertise to identify and fix basic mechanical issues, you’ll find riding your bike becomes smooth like new. This approach eliminates small problems from escalating, allowing you to maintain your motorcycle in perfect condition. Regular maintenance and timely repairs improve your riding pleasure and ensure that your bike stays reliable and efficient.


3. Improved pleasure riding ahead


Self-repair job on your motorcycle not only improve safety but also improves your riding comfort for a long duration. Knowing how to fix basic issues on your bike aids in a smoother riding experience. Unlike other riders who come across unexpected problems including brake rubbing or chain breakdowns, you’ll be equipped to address these common setbacks. By doing regular maintenance and basic repairs, you can experience the hidden joys and pleasures of riding your bike without any sort of interruptions.


Wrapping Up


Taking care of your bike running condition and overall fitness via self-maintenance is highly important. Learning and applying the above maintenance tips and tricks ensures a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience. If you own a Hero motorcycle, you can find genuine accessories and spare parts at the eShop Hero Motocorp web portal. This reliable platform assist in buying parts and accessories for repairs easily and cost-effectively, ensuring your bike remains in top condition.


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