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Ever Had The Lights Go Out? No Fun, Right?

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An Automatic Transfer Switch is like a bouncer at a club. It decides what gets in and what stays out. But instead of keeping jerks away from the party, it lets your generator’s power into your home when the regular electric craps out. 

Here’s how it works: The ATS keeps an eye on your normal utility power 24/7. If it senses even a tiny hiccup, it automatically turns on your used generator. Then it transfers your home’s whole electric load from the utility over to the generator – zap, just like that! 

Without the ATS controlling things, your generator could accidentally feed power back into the utility lines. That could seriously injure the workers out there trying to get your regular electricity up and running again. Plus you risk frying your whole electrical setup or overloading the generator. It is not worth the risk. 

Why An ATS Is A Must-Have

Still not sure if this ATS thing is worth it? Here is a breakdown for you: 

1. Smooth Power Transition

It switches from utility to generator power in literally a blink of an eye – 10-16 milliseconds max. Your TV won’t even glitch.

2. Mega Reliable and Safe 

Remember how bypassing the ATS could mean back-feeding power to utility workers? Yeah, the ATS makes sure your generator is fully separated and isolated so that can never happen. It also protects your whole home from electrical surges, overloads and other nasty stuff that could fry everything you own.

3. Totally Hands-Off Convenience

Did you forget to fire up your generator during the last blackout? No worries with an ATS – it does everything automatically for you. 

4. Saves You Tons of Money Long-Term

Think how much money you’ll save by not having to repair or replace electronics and appliances after a surge or power incident. Plus your generator will last way longer since the ATS prevents all that manual switching stress. Trust me, it pays for itself a million times over.

Picking The Right ATS For Your Generator

With so many benefits, you’re probably totally sold on getting an ATS by now..

Here’s what you need to look for:

Generator Size and Fuel Type 

Different ATSs are rated for different generator sizes and fuel types (gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas). Bigger generators need bigger ATSs. And some fuels require special ATS features. Don’t just guess – get one properly matched to your generator specs. 

Single-Phase vs Three-Phase Power

Normal ATSs are made for single-phase setups. So if you’re three-phase, you need to get a special three-phase ATS model.

Service Rating 

This rating tells you how much power the ATS can handle. For residential use, you’ll likely need one rated 200-400 amps or so. But if you’re using it for commercial/industrial, you might need an 800+ amp unit.

Automatic or Manual Control

Most homeowners just want an ATS that automatically takes over and handles everything with no effort required. But if you’re a control freak who likes doing stuff manually, you can get an ATS that lets you manually initiate the transfer process. 

Open or Closed Transition

This is how the ATS shifts between power sources. Open transition cuts power from one source before connecting the other (like pulling out the TV plug before plugging in the game console). Closed transition overlaps the sources for no disruption – perfect for sensitive electronics, but costs more.

Inside or Outside Rating

If your ATS will be mounted outdoors, make sure it has an enclosure rated for your climate (rain, snow, crazy hot/cold temps, etc). Indoor units have zero weather protection.

Still Confused? No Biggie – Hire The Pros!

Don’t stress if all those tech specs make your head spin. The easiest way to make sure you get the perfect ATS is to work with the generator experts.

Companies that sell used generators for sale in the UK usually have staff who know everything about ATSs too. They can walk you through the whole selection, answer all your Qs, and recommend exactly which make and model you need based on your power setup.

Don’t try saving a few bucks on this – an improper ATS install could mean bye-bye to your whole electric system. Get it installed by licensed electricians and generator techs who know their stuff. Paying for quality help now means zero headaches and expenses later.

Let’s face it – power blackouts happen, and there’s no avoiding them 100%. But you can avoid all the hassles and risks of being unprepared.

By getting yourself a sweet used generator and pairing it with a proper Automatic Transfer Switch, you’ll have ultimate blackout protection—no more sitting in the dark sweating like a pig or stressing over your frozen food defrosting. You’ll be living that cool, air-conditioned life while your neighbours watch.

An ATS is a weapon that unlocks max efficiency, safety and reliability from your generator setup. It’s an investment that keeps paying you back in convenience and peace of mind, blackout after blackout. So stop procrastinating and call those generator pros to get your ATS installed today. Also, check out a few used generators for sale in the UK.


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