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However, the reason why people around the world love to eat Pakistani mango is its sweet taste, delightful fragrance as well as the richness of the flavor. Mango has been distinguished as the ‘king of fruits’ and we loved when it is summertime. This 4-part blog series about Pakistani mangoes will guide you through the various features and varieties of this fruit and provide a buying guide on where you can find the best mangoes online. This article is for you – whether you’re a mango lover or a potential novice – it will tell the story of why you cannot resist the temptations of Pakistani mangoes.

A Brief History of Pakistani Mangoes

Pakistan has been growing mangoes for the last four millennia and this identity can be traced in the customs of the people and their food. Punjab and Sindh provinces have favorable weather conditions and extremely fertile grounds which are perfect for growing mangoes. Pakistan, for centuries has bred and cultivated various types of mangoes unique in its own and each with its own distinct taste and properties.

Popular Varieties of Mangoes cultivated in Pakistan

  • Sindhri

Sindhri mangoes are among the popular ones in the national market of Pakistan Mangoes. These mangoes were developed in Sindh province of India and noted for its large size with deep yellow peel and flesh which is free of fibres yet juicy. These meaty mangoes are juicy and have a sugary-sprightly taste and are the best for fresh eating and for making desserts.

  • Chaunsa

White Chaunsa aka Chaunsa mangoes are some of the delicious types of mangoes grown. It is for their juicy sweet flesh and delicious tart and sour taste that they are diligently sought after. Multani Chaunsa is an anatomic type of mango that originated from Multan and has a yellow-green skin when changes color once ripe. They also have a very soft texture and a highly fragrant aroma that makes them a source of sophistication.

  • Anwar Ratol

Anwar Ratol mangoes are also juicy but small in size with maximum flavor. Anvar Rathol is a mango plant variety with sweet taste than even Alphonso mangoes. They could be found in the Punjab region and they are very high in demand during the mango season. The texture of this fruit is firm and yet juicy enough to eat alone or for making juices and smoothies.

  • Langra

Langra mangoes have a green skin which does not change to yellow like others. It has a sour taste with a hint of sugar which makes it interesting and preferable for those who do not like too sweet fruits. The langra variety of mangoes are of medium size and tough texture and are usually consumed in traditional dishes and pickles in the country.

Why Pakistani Mangoes Stand Out

  • Flavor Profile

From the climatic conditions and fertile soil of Pakistan; the people from Pakistan have exceptional taste of mangoes. The environs in Pakistan during the summer season are known for offering the perfect climate as well as soil texture for providing one of the sweetest and refreshing mangoes ever. Chaunsa taste like honey and langra taste little bit sour it can be better served with ice cream or some other dessert which taste little sweet.

  • Cultivation Practices

The cultivation practices in Pakistan are all traditional and complex and involve the use of generations of specialists. And then, farmers also marry ancient practices with modern farming methods to perfect the art of mango growing. This involves the use of proper irrigation methods as well as the use of organic fertilizers and cultivation methods which help to enhance the flavor of the mangoes until they reach their peak.

  • Nutritional Benefits

Mangoes are not only eaten as food but they are also important in providing our body with some vital nutrients. They also contain some vitamins such as Vitamin A and C and antioxidants besides being rich in dietary fibre. Mangoes have high antioxidants and nutrients that help in boosting the immune system and improving the digestive system and skin. 

How to Buy Pakistani Mangoes Online

There are many websites that offer to buy Pakistani mangoes to any consumer who may not want to go through the hassle of traveling to Pakistan. Here are some steps to ensure you get the best quality mangoes delivered to your doorstep:Here are some steps to ensure you get the best quality mangoes delivered to your doorstep:

  1. Choose Reputable Sellers: As you shop for the mangoes online look for official sellers that are dealing with Pakistani mangoes specifically. Research on the products offered as well as the reputation for the freshness and authenticity of the products.
  1. Check for Certifications: Check whether the seller adheres to proper policies on importing and exporting mangoes and check out for quality certifications that will ascertain the quality and safety of the juiciest and most delicious mangoes.
  1. Compare Prices: Rates depend on the store, so it is always advisable to check the rates from various stores to find the most favorable offer. Do bear in mind that higher prices often denote more quality and freshness in the goods being sold.
  1. Shipping Policies: Check the shipping policies to know how long the Mangoes take to deliver, and what type of guarantees are there for the freshness of the order when delivered to your door.

Tips for choosing the best mangoes

 When buying mangoes online or in-store, here are some tips to help you select the best ones: 

  • Appearance: When choosing mangoes, avoid the ones with discolored, dimpled, or soft skin. The color of the berry is subject to change depending on the type therefore concentrate on the feel and firmness.
  • Smell: One should keep in mind that a ripe mango should give a sweet aroma around the stem.
  • Touch: It should be firm yet soft like the ripe mango and should be slightly able to be pressed with gentle pressure.
  • Weight: Some people believe that heavier mangoes are often juicier and with better flavor.


Mangoes from Pakistan are in fact a perfect indulgence into the beauty of nature where the consumer gets to experience the most mouthwatering taste ever. They are juicy and delicious, there are many varieties and they are healthy and nutritious considered as a valuable fruit. The protection of the authenticity and quality of the product are guaranteed when it is purchased online by reputable sources like Pakistani mangoes. Those who like sweet taste of mangoes can enjoy it whole or mix it with some kind of smoothies or place it in ordinary dishes 


What is the time for Pakistani mangoes to be on their best?

Pakistan supplies mangoes throughout the summer season that usually occurs in May to September month of a year but this depends on the variety of mangoes that are supplied.

How do I distinguish a ripe mango from a unripe one?

It is important to ensure that the mangoes are ripe; they should be soft to touch and have an unforgettable sweetness in their aroma. And the color will differ from variety; so the color is not the best indicator for determining the needed level of maturity.

Do mangoes freeze well?

Here is the reality: You can freeze mangoes. Chop the frozen mangoes into pieces using a knife, arrange them in one layer in a baking sheet and let freeze again. When bread pieces have been frozen you should immediately place them in a freezer bag or tupperware.

Pakistani mangoes – organic or not?.

A rare tropical treasure : Organic mango and traditional practices in Pakistan. If you want to buy organic mangoes, ensure that you pick certified organic labels.

The most effective technique for slicing mango.

 When cutting a mango: Place the fruit in the palm of one hand and slice off the sides along the pit. Cut the flesh into a grid pattern and again cut it through the skin and then turn inside and remove the pieces in the form of cubes.

Dry Mango in Pakistan

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