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Parcel Wrap

Packaging is an integral part of our life and we cannot ignore this fact that we need packaging even for a simple task. The realm of packaging is vast and diverse and you will find a wide range of varieties available for packing and securing all kinds of items. Whether the item is large, bulky, strong, durable, or the item is small, fragile, delicate, luxurious and expensive, for each item there is a special kind of packaging material available. Although strong, durable and sustainable cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes are the common packaging products which you need to pack your items, apart from boxes, there are some other packaging supplies which you may need, for the safety and protection of your items. Bubble wrap, packaging tape, foam sheet and so on are some of the other packaging materials which may be required to pack a product. Out of all the packaging materials, the parcel paper has a unique fan base. There is a wide range of parcel paper available in the market and they all come with unique characteristics of their own. The best part about these parcel paper is that you can not just use them for packing and providing safeguard to your items, rather you can also use them for various other purposes, such as art and crafts, decoration and so on. And the interesting fact about these parcel paper is that they are eco-friendly, hence, are beneficial to the environment as well.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the different types of parcel paper used in the packaging and eCommerce industry to protect the items from all potential damage. You can get these parcel papers from your nearby stores or from different eCommerce websites. We at Packaging Now, which is an eCommerce website in the UK, provide you with a wide range of packaging materials, which not just include different types of parcel papers and packaging boxes, but also other different packaging products, such as printed tapes and alike. Let us now have a look at some of the different parcel papers which you can use for various purposes.

Brown Parcel Paper

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is also known as the brown parcel paper. It is one of the most famous parcel papers found in the packaging industry. It is made up of wood pulp and is durable and heavy. It is also called the brown paper because of its natural brown colour which also proves that it is eco-friendly in nature. And this brown colour also gives a rustic vibe to the paper. You can use this paper to wrap items which are fragile and delicate and need more strength and protection. After wrapping them with the kraft paper, you can then put them inside the box. Apart from that you can also use a kraft paper to fill the voids inside the box, if there is any.

Parcel Wrap

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper or parcel wrap is another kind of parcel paper known for its fancy and aesthetic appeal. This parcel paper is the best option to wrap gifts which you need to give during parties, festivals, holidays and so on. They are found in different colours, patterns, motifs and designs and you can be endlessly creative with the designs of these wrapping papers. It may not provide substantial protection to the product to be wrapped, however, you use this wrapping paper with other parcel paper to provide extra protection to the item to be wrapped and packed. In this way, it will not just make the packaging look aesthetic, but it will also enhance the durability of the wrapping paper and also keep the item safe.

Newspaper Offcut

Newspaper offcuts are another type of parcel paper which are easily available at your home. These are the most affordable and easily available parcel papers which you can use to wrap the items or the packaging boxes for additional protection. It is functional and highly versatile, therefore, used beyond art and crafts. Sustainable, durable and eco-friendly, it not just helps in protecting the environment, but also protects the items wrapped inside it from all potential damage and external factors. Lightweight in nature, it can be used for wrapping books, small electronic items, dishes and so on. You may also need some additional packaging materials as well, if you are using newspapers as parcel papers, however, it is an affordable option, if you are planning to ship items in bulk.

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