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A perfect smile can boost confidence when standing in a crowd or gathering. Different techniques can help you achieve the ideal grin. With modern technology, cosmetic dentistry has changed many things by uplifting millions of smiles. There are now many types of treatments available in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of dentistry that aims to make your smile and teeth look better. There is much more you need to know about it. So, continue reading the article and explore different types of cosmetic dentistry.


● Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding is a process that corrects teeth’ alignment by fixing cracks and brokenness. If your teeth are chipped, you can go for this process. This will also make your teeth even and remove nasty stains. Cosmetic bonding in Houston requires little preparation to fix them, which is a cheap way to repair minor tooth flaws. The dentist in Houston will apply the composite that will match your tooth color and cover the imperfection, giving it a natural look.


● Teeth Whitening

As the procedure name suggests, using this method will make your teeth all white and shiny. This is also called teeth bleaching in general. Usually, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used in teeth-whitening procedures. A lower concentration of these chemicals is typically seen in whitening treatments intended for domestic use. You can also do this at home by following the instructions on the teeth-whitening tool kit. Also, this can be done by applying toothpaste suggested by an expert dentist in Houston Texas.



● Dental Implants

Teeth implanting is also used in cosmetic dentistry by cosmetic dentist in Houston. A dental implant is a metal prosthesis that permanently restores a lost tooth. Typically constructed of titanium, the device is surgically inserted into the jawbone in the location of the lost tooth. A dental implant can support prosthetic teeth like a bridge or dentures by functioning as the tooth root. There are two types of dental implants. 


Subperiosteal implants:

These are positioned above the jawbone, beneath the gum line. They usually replace several teeth.


Endosteal implants:

These implants are inserted into the mandible through surgery.



●  Enamel Wear

This is an additional method of discoloration removal. It uses a micro-abrasion machine with fine pumice to remove surface stains. This removes surface stains from wine, soda, coffee, and tobacco products. However, enamel abrasion does not remove intrinsic stains inside the tooth.


● Invisalign Braces

Another method to get the best-aligned teeth is not showing people you are wearing braces. These are specially customized according to the size of your jaw. The main aim of this is to give the wearer an aesthetic appearance.


● Dental Veeners

Your tooth’s enamel is carefully filed down, and an impression is obtained. For custom veneers, the imprint is submitted to a dental lab. Until the permanent veneers return from the lab, you will wear temporary veneers. Veneers are the best option for patients with chipped or broken front teeth and dark discoloration who are resistant to whitening.


In Conclusion

These are some of the primary treatments in cosmetic dentistry to perfect your smile. A beautiful smile with aligned teeth can make you laugh out loud in public. If you are still confused, ask an expert emergency dentist in Houston for suggestions, and then choose the right option.


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