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Today’s environment of highly competitive business organization, it becomes imperative for any business oriented organization to possess an effective and efficient means of relaying business advertisement through the use of signage in the course of unveiling the organization’s message to the marketplace.There is the material that is most suitable to be utilized in the creation of your signage which makes a difference when it comes to the aspect of durability, appearance and functionality. This guide will be a one-stop shopping experience that would assist you on how to select the kind of material that is suitable for your signage depending on different factors like place of signage, amount of money you are willing to spend, and the overall look of the signage. If you are lucky to locate a professional printer who deals in high-quality print services in Ilford, the Ilford printing shop is your one-stop solution to all your printing needs and styles.

Factors to Consider

Location and Environment

Another quality that should not be overlooked whenever selecting signs is the location where the sign belongs in case of the outdoor signs or the strategic position it is to be placed in case of the indoor signs. Indoor signs for example are fixed inside buildings hence they do not expose them to various climatic conditions hence it is possible to use more delicate materials in preparing them. Outdoor signs on the other hand have to endure challenges such as rainfall, wind and the sun among others.


The type of weather your dream home will experience will inform the choice of material depending on your budget. There are materials out there that may be cheaper to use, they may not be sturdy or give off the aesthetic value like other materials though. These factors can be a delicate balancing act of trying to provide the most value to the company while staying within a reasonable budget to effectively have the signage serve its purpose.

Design and Aesthetics

It should also be noted that the size of the sign, its shape and the kind of colours used will also dictate the kind of materials used in signage. Some materials are more suitable for complicated patterns and bright colors, while others will be more suitable for a business or a farm aesthetic.

Common Signage Materials


Vinyl is very flexible and is commonly adopted for interior and exterior signs and graphic applications. It is flexible, robust and consumes less compared to popular building materials like metals and concrete. Vinyl signs can be written with different colours and designs as may be required in different applications. It also means that they are weather resistant, a feature that makes them suitable for use in areas where the structures are exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Aluminum is also engraved nicely and is well known for its sturdy yet light texture, making it well suited for signs. It does not rust, which can be advantageous if the sign is placed outdoors and is directly under physical conditions such as rain. Aluminum signs can be used for automobile parking space, properties advertising, and any business establishments. Ilford printing service for aluminum signs is another impressive service available to the clients, providing the best quality signage to suit their needs, in a professional way that will last for several years without having to seek for a re-print of the material.


ACRSTALL Algorithm using acrylic signs is nearly invisible and modern looking, thus best applicable in indoor areas such as offices, stores, and other corporate environments. Acrylic is a light material and is not breakable unlike glass and also can be easily molded into curves and cut according to the desired shape and size. Its ability to achieve a slick surface results in an aesthetically refined look to any design or product.

Corrugated Plastic

One cheap and relatively durable material is corrugated plastic, or coroplast, which is well suited for use in temporary signs. It is a portable unit, very resistant to the weather conditions and its installation does not take a lot of time, that is why people use it on events, political campaigns and for their estates. Although it spreads across the top and bottom layers, using corrugated plastic can be considerably cheaper if you’re planning to have your sign for a short period.


One of the effective and popular material for signage is PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride; this material can be used for both external and internal signs. Technopolis is light; it has a tough outer layer that is not affected by the weather; high-quality graphics can be printed on it. Eagle series PVC signs are used for trade shows, Retail store ,advertisement and restaurant menu signs. All your printing needs can be fulfilled by the Ilford printing shop They can produce bright and long-lasting PVC signs according to the desired specifications.

Specialty Materials


They are made of wood which gives them that natural and original touch that will best suit any business whose aesthetic appeal is more inclined towards the traditional or artsiad. Wood does not break easily and it can be sanded and painted with pictures of the persons choice. However, for those used outdoors, they are susceptible to the natural swings in weather and hence need to be tended to periodically in order to prevent spoiling.


Another advantage of glass signage is its beautiful look that creates a luxurious and sophisticated commercial image suitable for the restaurants and shops in the hotel, banks, and offices. Etched glass signs can be an attractive back lit sign while frosted glass signs can have colour on them. It is primarily due to their sensitive nature and heaviness that they work best indoors.


Foam Board

This type of board is known as foam board and since it is made of polystyrene, it is easy to carry and relatively cheap compared to other types of boards that can be used indoors for various affairs such as displaying information for presentations. This material can be easily classified and trimmed to the set and desired forms and sizes and this is why it is ideal for molding and other decorative intentions. The foam board cannot be used for making signs for outdoor application as it is easily damaged by moisture and winds.

Selection Tips of Printing Services

Perhaps, choosing the right service provider is as crucial as choosing the fabric for final production. Durable products along with quality assurance, color and design advice, and appropriate installation practices are valuable services offered by a popular printing company. Ilford printing shop is your one-stop printers for all your printing needs FOR businesses in Ilford. They know a range of materials that will be used to create the signage to guarantee that they are making high quality signage of high durability.


Understanding the various aspects of the materials to use when designing a sign requires the evaluation of certain factors like the place of the signage to be put, the amount of money one is willing to spend, and how the sign is going to look like. Therefore if you wish to make a sound decision to further your brands visibility then it would be important to consider the following aspects of materials. For anything that concerns Ilford printing services, there is no doubt that using the services of a reputable Ilford printing shop can guarantee that the kind of signages you get are the very ones you would want to have.

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