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A car title loan is a useful method of financing a new venture based on the value of your current vehicle. Whether you own a car, truck, boat or motorcycle, you can get a car title loan to lower your monthly car payments, provide a new line of credit and make it possible to stay in your car when it would otherwise be repossessed. Let our car title loan refinancing company help you.

What Is Car Title Loan Refinancing?

Good question. Refinancing has many different applications. You’ve likely heard it in terms of refinancing a mortgage or a standard loan. However, it can also be applied to title loans in your state. Also known as auto title loans, these equity loans are based solely on the value of your vehicle. Applicable to cars, motorcycles, trucks and boats, these loans help people with little to no credit or bad credit accomplish a variety of things. After refinancing a car title loan through USA Car Title Loans, you get to:

  • Lower your monthly car payments.
  • Pay off your car title loan.
  • Prevent defaulting on your car title loan.
  • Prevent repossession.
  • Keep your car.
  • Take advantage of the lowest interest rate possible in your state.

But how is this any different than other refinancing loans? Simple. You don’t even need a lick of credit because you’re putting collateral up for the loan. The collateral is your car, which allows the car title loan refinancing company to feel confident in refinancing your car title loan.

These short-term loans may seem like they carry a higher interest rate but they really don’t when you consider the lack of a need for a credit check and the use of collateral only. Plus, compared to other companies out there, our rates are much lower, meaning you end up with a much more affordable loan to deal with on a monthly basis.

How can we make our rates so much lower, you might be wondering? Well, we only charge interest on the balance you owe, not the principle. So instead of having to pay interest on the entire loan amount, you only have to pay interest on the current amount you owe. This allows you to pay back the loan faster and saves you a significant amount of money in the end.

Refinance My Car Title Loan

As the loan’s name suggests, a “car title loan” is one that is based on the car title or your ownership of the car, alone. So long as you have the car, it can be used as collateral for the loan.

Much of the time, refinancing car title loans is a very quick process. Just fill out a simple form and you will get instant pre-approval. All you need is a regular source of income. That’s it, and more often than not a car title loan can be yours.

If your initial car title loan is at a very high interest rate, our car title loan refinancing company can cut that interest rate down and give you smaller monthly payments. Since we only refinance car title loans, we can afford to do this. We even go the extra mile and only charge interest on the balance so that you can pay back your loan faster. And with a longer loan period, you’ll feel less need to panic and be more capable of taking charge of your finances.

If you have trouble making the payments on your car title loan, this could put you in a position where you might lose your car. This is definitely not a place you want to be. Thankfully, you can refinance your car title loan and solve the problem in literally just a few minutes. Refinancing will help you renegotiate your loan. Since your car itself is acting as collateral, USA Car Title Loans can afford to offer you a lower interest rate and a longer loan period. This lowers your overall monthly payment and gives you more time to pay back the entire loan.

How Do Refinancing Car Title Loans Work?

Before you go signing up for a car title loan or refinancing your current one, there are a few things you need to know about the whole process, how it works, and how it will affect you. For instance, you can only refinance so much against the car title loan. This amount is determined by the value of the collateral you put up to back the loan. In this case, it is your car itself.

We can offer car title loans that are equal to up to 80% the value of your car. That’s a great bargain and separates us from the competition. We work hard with each of our customers to get them as much money as we can and to come as close to the amount they need as possible. We know you need that money for a good reason and we work hard to get it for you.

You must also own your car entirely. That is, you’ve already paid your car off. It is just the car title loan that has been giving you trouble. The title of the car must be yours in name and have no liens against it or not currently be in financing. It might sound like common sense, but you should also have the vehicle entirely insured in case of an accident.

You see, when you normally get a car title loan, the interest rate is sky high. It could range anywhere from 36% to 651.79%. This can make it next to impossible to pay back the loan within the allotted time, which is often very brief. If you have an extremely high interest rate, you will barely be able to knock a dent in the interest you owe, let alone the principle. Even worse, car title loans often require that you pay whatever lump sum is due on the last payment date. This can be quite large at times, making it impossible to pay, which is when you should turn to USA Car Title Loans for refinancing.

With a car title loan refinancing company, you can roll over the title of your loan. In effect, you take out a loan against the value of your car and the value of the loan. You can only repeat this process so many times before you run into government limitations. This is to prevent people from staying perpetually in debt and to ensure all lenders end up getting paid back.


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