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Built on BigCommerce? So are many other businesses around the world, but there’s a secret up this platform’s sleeve.

It supports a large ecosystem of BigCommerce partners that specialize in development, marketing, migration, and more. They can help you scale your business. Here’s what to know.

First Off, What Is a BigCommerce Partner?

A BigCommerce partner is an expert that specializes in the use of the BigCommerce platform in one of several ways. There are three many types of partners and each of them offers something a little bit different.

What’s important is that BigCommerce itself helps train, educate, and vet these partners, and categorizes them into different tiers based on their respective levels of expertise, abilities, and other criteria.

What Types of Partners Are There?

There are three main types of BigCommerce partners. These are:

  • Agency partners: In a nutshell, agency partners may do a little bit of everything, and depending on the discipline of the agency, may specialize in marketing, design, or development. Some may even specialize in migrations.
  • Technology partners: When you need advanced, custom development, your best bet may be to go with a technology partner. These are the partners that specialize in theme and page template development, custom app coding and integration, and other advanced development items.
  • Affiliate partners: Interested in monetizing your BigCommerce site through some or other channel? An affiliate partner is the way to get it done. If your website has a lot of valuable, actionable content, these may be the partners to work with.

So, knowing this, as well as the respective specialties of each partner, how can one help you scale your business?

BigCommerce Partners and Scalability

  • Experience with the platform: If there’s one basic thing all BigCommerce partners are good for, it’s their respective experience with the platform itself. As you may know, software platforms can be tough to navigate and customize, especially if you are not familiar with them. These partners are specifically versed in the use of this SaaS platform, making it easier for them to work with it, by comparison. In addition, the experience of a partner often means that work can be done quickly and more efficiently, and on top of that, it offers some peace of mind.
  • Proficiency in their respective disciplines: There are few if any with the same experience and proficiency with BigCommerce as the platform’s partners. For most businesses, this is extremely scalable if only for the fact that putting these skills to work saves them time and money over either trying to hire someone new in-house or over trying to utilize existing in-house skills to get the work done, which can be quite expensive and impractical.
  • Vetted and trained by BigCommerce itself: Hiring a BigCommerce partner also comes with a certain peace of mind. The partners are trained, educated, and vetted by BigCommerce itself, and then assigned one of several tiers based on their abilities. In other words, it can be expensive and risky hiring a developer or a marketing team, but BigCommerce can allay some of that concern. At least, they’ve done some of the leg work qualifying their own partners, and you get to reap that reward.

How Do I Find a BigCommerce Partner for My Business?

If you’re not sure where to start, make the first step getting in touch with your BigCommerce rep. He or she will want to learn more about your project, or about your long-term goals, and then will be able to make specific recommendations based on the partners that can help you get where you need to be.

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