Bathroom Renovation Regrets

Bathroom Renovation Regrets: Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes

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We often make the mistake of thinking bathroom remodeling is easy! Whereas, it’s one of those places in your home that’s more complicated to remodel than you think.

Why? It’s because adding a few coats of paint or fixing the walls with beautiful tiles isn’t going to solve any issues! A bathroom consists of plumbing and electrical fixtures that if ignored, might cause hideous massacres, and result in a total waste of the amount you spent behind it.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes that you should avoid, and why hiring professional home renovations in Kelowna saves you from unnecessary expenses!

Let’s cut to the chase, and plunge straight into the common bathroom remodeling mistakes that can prove to be costly-

Common Bathroom Renovation Blunders That You Should Avoid

1. Going Ahead Without Visualizing The Designs

It’s the age of software, technology, and AI! Referring to that context, there is an array of digital tools and software that can help you visualize how your bathroom might look with the newly-planned designs. Utilizing such tools is necessary as it makes room for us to tweak the design and go with what seems to be the most suitable option.

Going ahead with the renovations without visualizing is perhaps one of the most common blunders! The final product might not turn out as you expected, resulting in added expenditure for tweaking and fixation. Hence, it’s always preferable to chalk out the design and visualize it via advanced tools used by custom home builders in Kelowna.

2. Cutting The Wrong Corners For Staying In Budget

Bathroom renovation in Kelowna can turn into an expensive affair in the wink of an eye! How? Well, people tend to cut the wrong corners to stay within their budget. And that’s what causes further issues and paves the way to a fiasco!

While renovating bathrooms, most people account for the price of plumbing fixtures and tiles/ stones, etc. What they forget is that those are only small fractions of a bigger cost chart! The main expense lies in labor costs, and that’s where most people tend to cut their budget short. This results in abrupt finishings or leaked fixtures, which ultimately causes add-on expenses.

3. Relying Too Much On DIY

DIY skills are great options to cut costs on renovation work. But you must also understand that some things render better results when professionals are involved. As mentioned earlier, plumbing and electronic fixtures make bathroom remodeling a bit complex! Working in that area without appropriate knowledge or DIY skills might just ruin the whole procedure!

So, the best thing is to hire professional Bathroom Remodelers in Kelowna, BClike Align West Homes. This might elevate your budget a little, but will prove to be an economical decision in the long run, saving you from hefty renovation expenditures to fix your DIY blunders!

4. Setting New Floor Tiles Over The Existing Ones

This is probably one of the most costliest blunders on this list of new homes in Kelowna!  A bathroom is a place where moisture content is at its peak. Therefore, such an area requires tile placements on a cemented floor to cut off moisture build-up. If you choose to lay the new tiles on the existing ones to save a few bucks, it just makes more room for moisture build-up, resulting in buckling or crack formation on the floor surface in the long run. So ultimately, you pay more for fixing the mistake, causing your budget to shoot up.

What’s The Average Cost Of A Bathroom Remodeling?

The average cost of bathroom renovation in Kelowna depends on a myriad of factors, like-

  • Quality of the materials used (including plumbing, electrical, and aesthetic fixtures).
  • Total cost of labor (including construction and installation costs).
  • Changes in overall layouts of the place.
  • Overall size of the bathroom.

Keeping these four factors into consideration, the average cost of bathroom remodeling in Kelowna ranges somewhere between $6,000 to $16,000 approximately.

The Best Outcomes Demand The Best Professionals

If you’re looking for contractors who can elevate your interiors with the best home renovations in Kelowna, Align West Homes can be a great option!

They have the required expertise to understand and analyze a situation and provide the best advice for any renovation or construction projects whatsoever. Furthermore, hiring them lets you have peace of mind that your work will get done optimally. So, consider avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, and hire professional renovation services for the best results to avoid unnecessary expenditures in the long run.


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