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7 Secret Tricks To Write A Business Book That Actually Sells

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Every seven out of ten entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders wish to write a book. A few of them take the step towards making their dream come true and fewer than them successfully make it happen. Otherwise, a great majority of them usually waste at least a hundred hours into brainstorming and writing. A lot of times, they don’t begin with a proper game plan and end up throwing away their written notes into the dustbin.

Any step taken wrong can take the potential writer away from turning their wish into a successful reality. And you don’t deserve that, right? Therefore, we present you seven best tips from our side that will let you write a high-selling business book. Implementing them would save you time, effort, and money, plus increase your chances of becoming a best-selling author.

7 Best Tips To Write A Successful Business Book

Identify Your Audience And Focus On It

First and foremost, identify your target audience, which would comprise people with entrepreneurial interests. Business is a broad niche and contains a vast audience, therefore get specific about it. Whether you aim to write for aspirant entrepreneurs, struggling owners of new startups, or something else, it is up to you.

Once you have gained clarity about your potential audience, focus on them while journeying through the entire process. It is easy to lose sight of them, but you can avoid them by becoming mindful at every step of the way. Keep a goal to write in a way that would directly engage with them, such as considering a conversational tone. Use interesting language and avoid technical jargon whenever possible to make your content easy to understand.

Select A Topic That Solves A Problem

Once you have determined your target audience, figure out their pain points and what they lack or need to know. While contemplating what topic to choose, pick the one that solves a problem of your targeted readership. Once you provide them with a solution, it will develop a strong bond between you both.

You will create a respectable place in their hearts and your work will become the talk of the town soon. As a result, you will gain credibility within your niche, make high sales, and become famous.

Write something that will benefit your potential readers and attract them to engage with your next publications. If you have a plan to promote your services or product, writing a manuscript will become a more profitable idea. You can direct your content’s attention to how your services/products can help your prospects rise above their hurdle.

Research The Market Demand Of Your Selected Topic

Research the market demand for your selected topic before you move on to its writing process. At times, you may think the topic is worthy of writing, but you can find it out after conducting the market analysis. Determine whether whatever you’re aiming to write on needs within your marketplace.

Otherwise, not many people are going to read your work and you won’t make much sales. Consequently, it will become a huge loss of your invested money and time. Always search for competition by targeting keywords and looking for successful publications in your category. If there is already a decent competition, your selected topic is worthy of giving it a shot.

Develop A Solid Outline

A solid outline will guide you throughout your writing process. It will also let you identify gaps in your content and the quality of your work. You will know what you have to write next and what will be the possible result. Develop an outline that first states the problems, emphasizes their vulnerability, the solution, and the action steps. Your framework should have a logical flow of ideas and cover all the important points you want to make.

It is possible that you developed a winning outline, but don’t have enough writing skills to turn it into a reading-worthy manuscript. It is completely okay, there is no need to worry about it when credible writers are available to write for you. Some book marketing services offer assistance for every step of the publishing process, from writing to editing, publishing, and promotion. Find out the one that best suits your budget, preferences, and goals to make your authorial goal accessible.

Don’t Keep The Best Content For The End

A great percentage of readers usually don’t make it to the end of business books. Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of keeping the best tips, advice, or stories for the last chapter of your manuscript. Not many people will read them, decreasing your chances of becoming a popular author.  Instead include your best content in various chapters throughout your work, from beginning to end. It will maintain the enthusiasm of your readers in exploring your publication and make your content unique.

Make sure you are introducing something new to your target audience, as boring and generic content doesn’t stand out. Include your fresh and personal perspective on your topic, plus approach your subject from a new angle. This way, your readers will explore the information from a viewpoint that they may have never discovered before. Thus, they will gain more insights and gain in-depth knowledge.

Sprinkle A Pinch Of Humor And Vulnerability

Business is a serious topic, it can make readers yawn and ultimately bored if it doesn’t contain a pinch of humour. You don’t need to become a comedian but still try to include some humorous stories or events to boost engagement.

Besides, failure is as important as success, as it teaches many important lessons that bring one close to victory. Though talking about triumphs is attention-grabbing, be sure to include your failure, fear, and loss stories. It will add a human touch to your content and make your audience feel that you’re as human as they are.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For A Helping Hand

Writing and launching a business book is way more energy-consuming (and time-intensive) than you may have assumed. At times, it drains their potential and drives their attention away from their venture or major professional goals. If it also happens to you, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand to maintain a balance between your authorial and other career objectives.

You can get help related to manuscript editing, proofreading, cover design, and marketing. Work with an esteemed professional out of online business book publishers that aligns with your niche and expectations. It will bring ease into your authorial struggles and let you successfully launch your work.


How to write successfully a business book?

Determine your purpose, determine your preferences for your manuscript, and build your outline. Write in chunks rather than all in one go to maintain a spark of interest within your writing. Go with the flow and listen to your intuition, as it would indicate you towards the best content and time to write. Stick to your deadlines, collaborate with professional publishers and implement your created strategic promotional plan.

How many pages should a business book ideally contain?

On average, the page of this niche should contain somewhere between 200 to three words. The ideal length is 200 pages, which means the standard word count of it would be around 50,000 to 60,000 words.

How to become famous as a business writer?  

Prepare enough and conduct thorough research about your target market and niche to choose a high-selling topic. It is better than diving straight into the writing process and editing attentively to eliminate all sorts of errors.  Follow a strategic publish plan to launch your manuscript the right way and promote using effective, cost-effective marketing tactics. Publish your other publication to increase your familiarity among your target audience and increase your chances of becoming famous.


Writing a successful business book is an achievable dream with the right strategies in place. By identifying your target audience, choosing a problem-solving topic, and evaluating market demand, you’ll lay a solid foundation for your manuscript. Develop a winning outline, sprinkle in humour and vulnerability, seek assistance whenever required, and write in manageable chunks. With careful planning and execution, you will save your time, energy, and money while increasing your chances of becoming the best seller.


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