7 Eateries in Porto That Are Student-Friendly and Close to Accommodations 

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Porto city in Portugal

Porto, aka Oporto, is the second largest city in Portugal after the capital city Lisbon. It is one of the best travel destinations in Portugal where tourists from different corners of the world visit. It comprises travel attractions, restaurants, and more which attract tourists. 

Apart from tourists, Porto attracts many international students who come here for higher education. Porto has several institutions for higher education of students and the university named the University of Porto is the major institution in this city. Apart from getting an education, students also like to travel to Porto during their free time and they also like to visit tourist attractions and restaurants. Besides, some students look for eateries near their accommodations so that they can visit there easily whenever they want. This write-up can help such students. 

Here, you will read about 7 eateries in Porto that are student friendly as well as close to accommodations. If you find any of them near your student accommodation Porto, you can visit there at your convenience.  

1. DaTerra 

DaTerra is an eatery located in the center of Porto’s downtown. It is a vegetarian buffet restaurant where you can find flavorful dishes made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. It is not only a restaurant where you find delicious meals but also a budget-friendly spot. Hearty soups, salads, and mouthwatering main courses can be acquired here. There is a diverse menu here and it is one of the best restaurants in Porto for vegetarians. 

2. Black Mamba 

Black Mamba is an eatery located in the trendy Cedofeita neighborhood. The flavorful plant-based burgers are the major attractions here. There are a lot of options available here which include classic cheeseburgers and “Vegan Monster”. 

This restaurant is one of the best for the casual dining experience. You will find this eatery within walking distance of the city center, so if your accommodation is in or near the city center, this is the place where you can visit. 

3. Puro 4050 

Puro 4050 is a restaurant located in the bustling Baixa district of Porto, and it is not only student-friendly but also a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Healthy and wholesome cuisines are the specialties of this restaurant. You can find salads, wraps, bowls, and smoothies here with fresh seasonal ingredients. Moreover, this restaurant has budget-friendly prices; therefore, it is a convenient option for students. 

4. O Diplomata 

For students craving a taste of Brazil, O Diplomata offers a vegetarian-friendly twist on traditional Brazilian cuisine. In the vibrant neighborhood of Lapa in Porto, this restaurant has impressive offerings of veggie crepes, both sweet and savory. Whether they choose a tasty spinach and cheese crepe or go for a tasty banana and chocolate treat, students will still get a flavorful dining experience at O Diplomata.  

5.  Celeiro 

Located close to the University of Porto, Celeiro is a health food store and cafe, where one can find a vast choice of natural as well as plant-based products. Students can pop into Celeiro for their pantry staples, fresh produce, herbal cosmetics, and lunch to-go from the café’s selection of sandwiches, salads, and snacks. It is a perfect eatery for health-conscious students. 

6.  Terra 

Nestled in the center of Ribeira, an old district of Porto, Terra is a small, but cozy vegetarian restaurant with stunning views of the Douro River. It boasts an enchanting atmosphere, with a delectable menu including stuffed mushrooms, vegetable curry or tofu skewers perfectly complementing the scenic setting. Right at the core of the student neighborhood in the downtown area, Terra is an ideal place for students who are in search of a laid-back setting where they can eat and chill with their friends.  

7.  Juicy 

For students who are looking for plant-powered meals that are both nutritious and tasty, Juicy provides a mix of juices, smoothies, salads, and wraps.  All ingredients are derived from local growers. At Juicy, Porto students get the chance to enjoy quick and healthy on-the-go meals at a highly accessible location near their dorms. Whether it is a green smoothie to refuel or a quinoa salad to indulge in, students don’t need to look elsewhere as Juicy can provide students with nutritious and delicious food options near their camp

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