5 Highest  In-Demand Professions in Manitoba for Newcomers in 2024 

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Even housing which can be a big concern when you apply for Canada PR visa from India can be sorted out when you come to Manitoba. Coming here will let you become a permanent resident and a skilled worker at the same time. 

Many of the industries belong to Manitoba which is why getting a job here is not that difficult. You can apply for Express entry,  or if your job is in demand in this province, you can apply via Manitoba PNP. This is the immigrant nominee program of Manitoba. 

But do you know what kind of jobs are in demand in Manitoba? Well, skills immigration and reuniting with family are what the province is looking to target. Getting a job in this category can be quite the catch and promises you a great future. 

The province also gives work permit extensions to temporary workers, who cannot do otherwise. So, if you choose to come here, be assured that you can work here for a long term. 

If you have decided to apply for Canada PR visa from India through the Manitoba PNP, here are some of the in-demand jobs:

1. Software Developers 

This kind of profession is related to the Information technology industry. The province has its share of startups and tech companies are the first ones to hire them. After all, they have a high need in almost every sector. 

With their education and experience, they can work along with software applications, software systems, and websites as well. Almost 2,500 job openings are there in this field and that too in Manitoba itself. In the next 3 years, the prospects for software developers will be ‘Good’ in this province. 

The Manitoba Points calculator depends on the MPNP Expression of Interest Ranking Points Grid. Under this, you are ranked out of 1000 points. Factors like age, work experience, education, and connections to the province are some of the factors based on which you will be ranked. 

2. Registered Nurses 

This is one of the highest-paid jobs in Manitoba as well. This is mainly because there is a surge in requirements for nurses, especially those who are licensed in Canada by regulatory bodies.  Ongoing needs in healthcare and an increasing population of aging people make them an integral part of healthcare and assistance. 

Home care, private clinics, government facilities, and long-term care health establishments look forward to hiring such kind of skilled workers. Just meet the employment requirements of the province to make sure you can apply for Canada PR visa from India. 

Even the outlook of jobs for registered nurses is supposed to be ‘very good’ over the next three years. Also, there is a strict shortage of registered nurses in Manitoba. This is why getting a good score on the CRS Calculator is a must to get an ITA through the provincial nominee program of Manitoba. 

3. Mechanical Engineers 

How can we miss out on this popular job opportunity in Manitoba? Their interest in designing and testing systems for optimal performance of machines is what makes them in high demand. From nanotechnology, marine, and aerospace these skilled professionals are hired in quality and project management as well. 

Though the demand for mechanical engineers is moderate, there is a high promise for individuals willing to work as mechanical engineers. Even the automation industry needs these types of engineers to bring out new styles and structures. 

Around a total of 1,400 mechanical engineers work in this profession. The majority of them are employed in the sectors of engineering, design, and architectural structure. Electrical and product manufacturing. Almost 77 percent of them work all around the year as mechanical engineers.

4. Accountants 

Most of the financial statements and decisions of the company are decided and advised by accountants. Much of the planning, organization, and administering of accounting systems are taken care of by these professionals. 

The quality of jobs for accountants in Manitoba is on the higher side. 6,000 skilled professionals who are accountants are working in this profession. All they need to do is once check whether they have sufficient points on the Manitoba Points calculator. 

Accountants are mainly hired for bookkeeping and payroll services, monetary authorities, and public administration conducted by the federal government. Almost 83 percent of all the auditors and accountants work all around the year. 

5. Lawyers 

One of the jobs on the skilled occupation list of the Manitoba PNP belongs to lawyers. The prospects for this kind of profession are very good for the next three years. Legal services and provincial and territorial administration are some of the top Canadian employers. 

Around 2,350 people are employed in this profession. Around 59 percent of them who are lawyers are men with women being 41 percent. Interlake, North, Southeast, Southwest, and Parklands regions have some of the brightest prospects for lawyers. 


Wish to move to Manitoba as a skilled worker. Look at some of these professions, and keep on checking whether your occupation is on the list. To learn more about this province, you can visit Nationwide Visas which are possibly the best immigration consultants in Canada.


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